During the period when she was married to Prince Charles, Princess Diana supposedly spent time getting to know a captain on a more personal level. Despite the fact that the princess had committed herself to the affair, the guy deserted her as soon as he became weary of catering to her requirements.

In September of 1984, Princess Diana gave birth to her second child, a boy whom she named Henry Charles Albert David Mountbatten-Windsor, more often known as Prince Harry. The People’s Princess gave birth to him after a labor that lasted for nine hours before she finally gave birth.

Author Andrew Morton claims that Princess Diana confided in him that she was unhappy following the birth of her second baby with Prince Charles that he was not delighted. In the book titled “Diana: Her True Story,” written by Morton, the author makes the assertion that Harry’s mother said that her husband had always yearned for a baby girl.

According to Morton, Charles was “dismayed” by the new addition, and his first word about it was, “Oh God, it’s a boy.” Morton’s description of Charles’s reaction to the news was accurate. The second item that the Prince of Wales joked about being upset about was the color of Harry’s hair, which is red.

After laboring for many hours to give birth to her husband’s kid in the most natural way possible, Diana was insulted and saddened by the joke. The fact of the matter was, however, that her younger brother, Earl Spencer, as well as her elder sisters, all had red hair, which was a characteristic that ran in the family.

The alleged negligence of Charles lasted until the baptism of Harry, when he allegedly made a complaint to his wife’s mother about how he and Diana were “disappointed” since they thought they were going to have a baby girl instead of a boy.

Ken Wharfe, who served as the royal security officer for Diana, writes of the things the Princess of Wales confided in him in his book. This was possible due to how close the two of them had become. Wharfe said that the queen revealed to him that she ended her marriage after giving birth to Harry.

He remembered how disheartened she seemed as she opened up to him and told him that despite her efforts, Charles had decided that he did not want her. Reportedly, Diana admitted that the two of them had spent the previous two years sleeping in different beds.

She was honest with Wharfe about her several attempts at suicide, which he saw as a “cry for assistance,” but unfortunately, no one of consequence was paying attention to what she was saying. According to Morton, Diana said that she and her husband were “the closest we’ve ever, ever been and ever will be” in the weeks leading up to the birth of Harry, and she remarked the following:

“Then all of a sudden, right around the time that Harry was born, our marriage just exploded. The whole endeavor was a complete and utter failure.”

The queen provided an explanation of how something inside her became dormant following the birth of her second son. The fact that her husband had resumed his long-term romance with his ex-girlfriend, Camilla Parker Bowles, was one of the primary factors that contributed to the transformation that took place.


In 1986, Diana met Captain James Hewitt, an officer in the Household Cavalry who had been mistakenly identified as Harry’s biological father due to the striking resemblance between the two men’s hair and appearance. They were acquainted with one another during a party that Hazel West, the Princess of Wales’ lady-in-waiting, was hosting.

Because Hewitt had already committed to attending another dinner event, it seemed like he wouldn’t be able to make it to this one. Wharfe remembered how Diana had described their first encounter, which had provided him with an indication that she loved the captain, even after their romance had become less heated.

Charles’ wife found the initial chat between the two of them to be quite natural, which led to an attraction between them. She is said to have confided in her bodyguard that she and Hewitt “get along brilliantly,” with the captain revealing to her that he was a riding teacher.

Hewitt promised to help Diana overcome her fear of horses, and the two of them set up a meeting when Diana disclosed her phobia of the animals. Wharfe was presented to the captain, but to Hewitt, this seemed more like an endorsement of his romance with the monarch than a simple introduction.

On the other hand, the bodyguard believed that the captain should be tried for high treason since he wished to engage in adultery with Charles’ wife. Wharfe saw how Hewitt captivated Diana with his “youthful vibrancy” and charming personality, causing her to develop feelings of fondness for him.

The arrival of the captain couldn’t have come at a better moment for the royal, since Charles was unable to fulfill the royal’s desire to feel loved. Wharfe, on the other hand, said that the Prince of Wales was not a fool and added:

After years of being in a marriage that was tough, he realized what was going on, and he found that it suited him.

Diana’s bodyguard said that her want was attention, and since she wasn’t receiving it, she was searching for a fight as a way to satisfy that craving. On the other hand, once Hewitt entered her life, the princess adopted a more laid-back attitude.

At the close of the 1980s, the captain had started to experience feelings of exhaustion as a result of the emotional burden that Diana had put on him. During one of their conversations, he admitted to Wharfe that he needed a break because to the demanding nature of the position.

The bodyguard flashed a grin but didn’t answer, and he mused aloud about the number of other guys who would have happily switched places with Hewitt. Wharfe wasn’t shocked when the skipper used the opportunity to flee when it presented itself.

Diana was left with the sense of betrayal since Hewitt had chosen his job above her when he was promoted to the rank of major and was required to spend two years in Germany. At first, she made an effort to dissuade him from traveling and even threatened to bring the matter up with Hewitt’s superior commander.

Diana’s purported boyfriend declined, at which point their romance began to fizzle out, and they began to have less and fewer phone chats with one another. The princess felt that by concealing her desire to discontinue their romance with the man she believed to be her lover, she might recapture the moral high ground she had lost when she married her husband.

It was impossible for Charles to release his grip on Parker Bowles. However, it was stated that Diana’s loss of Hewitt caused her pain, leaving her emotional, irritable, and enraged enough to rant against the unfairness of life, both specifically in regard to her predicament and more generally.

Because of Diana’s perception that Hewitt had betrayed her, he was unable to find work and was shunned by society. Diana felt certain that Charles was Harry’s biological father, despite the fact that Charles had begun an affair with Parker Bowles by the time Harry was born and that both Charles and Harry had red hair.


Hewitt said in a prior interview that he was aware of the paternity theories around Harry and that he had heard them. He told the Sunday Mirror that it was impossible for him to be the boy’s father. He expressed his reasoning.

Hewitt said that he understood why people were interested in the paternity problem and that he shared that curiosity himself. However, he revealed to Harry that he had already begun walking by the time he and the Princess of Wales began a personal relationship with one another.

The fact that Diana had a conversation with Hewitt two years after Harry was born provided a strong indication that Hewitt was not Harry’s biological father. Wharfe remembered a moment when the king broke down in tears when she spoke to him about the paternity suspicions.

It didn’t matter to the People’s Princess what Prince Charles’ acquaintances thought about her, but it would have greatly pained her if anybody turned on her sons, particularly Prince William. Around the holiday season of 1983, Harry was conceived, but his mother did not meet Harry’s father, Hewitt, until the summer of 1986.

The red hair, which runs in the Spencer family, was another attribute that couldn’t be used against Diana since it was a family trait. Anyone who had a look at Jane, the Princess of Wales’s sister, when she was small and looked at early images of her, could notice the characteristic.

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