Because it has been popular for quite some time, the song “Tennessee Whiskey” has certainly been playing in your brain at some point. 1981 was the year that saw the song’s first release, and David Allen Coe was the performer at the time. The song was first released as a recording by George Jones in 1983, and more recently, Chris Stapleton has given it another go.

This country music song is quite popular and is enjoyed by millions of people. That is one of the reasons why the video that we are going to show you right now shot to instant fame throughout the internet. There has been a new rendition of a country music song, and this time it was performed by a father from Texas and his daughter. The name of the performer in the video that can be seen below is Kris Jones, and we consider his version of the well-known song to be the most impressive one to yet.

Since we saw the music video for “Tennessee Whiskey,” we have been humming and dancing to the melody of the song ever since. The music is made much better by Dad’s singing, which has an old-timey flavor to it.

The video that his daughter made of the incident is wonderful, and we truly like watching it. Who else here wouldn’t start a recording session for a truck concert? In addition to this, it is quite endearing to see both her and her father lip syncing to the song. You can clearly see how overjoyed she is by the accomplishments of her skilled father.

It is appropriate for her to be content with her father. His following has been steadily growing since since this video was uploaded on the internet and made accessible to the public there. His voice has an unmistakable charm that captivates everybody who listens to it.

Ellen DeGeneres, who hosts “The Ellen Show,” is also a supporter of the show. His daughter Dayla originally shared the footage with her friends by posting it on YouTube. After the video gained more than a million views and went viral, Ellen reportedly got in touch with the family and offered them to appear on her show. This information comes from Sounds Like Nashville.

Jones revealed to Ellen and his audience that he has always had the ambition to be a singer. At the same time, Dayla and her father made an instant trip to be there to support her on the program. But as the course of events would have it, he would run into challenges.

Jones has already submitted his audition for “The Voice,” and he plans to continue working toward his ambitions. We are going to keep our fingers crossed that he pulls through this! You may hear him before he comes on the famous program if you watch the video of him that is provided below. It will utterly blast your mind, guaranteeing that!

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