It’s a shame to see elderly pets being abandoned in locked municipal shelters without anybody seeing it. People often chose younger animals as pets, leaving the older or sicker animals to spend the rest of their lives confined.

Thankfully, there are still people who make the decision to adopt unwanted dogs, even if they are well aware that these animals deserve to spend the rest of their lives in a loving home.

The sight of this elderly dog living in a sanctuary near Los Angeles is enough to break your heart.

A senior dog who had behavioral issues and was sick spent many years of her life at a shelter in Los Angeles. Nobody was interested in him since he was little more than skin and bones, and he had bald spots on his back as well as on other areas of his body.

Everyone there felt that he would spend the rest of his life alone in his cage for the duration of his stay at the shelter. On the other hand, nobody understood exactly how his life would change following a single momentous occurrence.

When this lady first lay eyes on the elderly dog, she was instantly taken aback by his beauty.

One day, Emma, a rescuer with the Northwest Dog Project, entered the shelter where the dogs were being housed. In the midst of the chaos, she was drawn to the attention of a particular senior canine despite the fact that it was an overcrowded sanctuary. She said that her heart sank the moment she saw the dog, but it was at that moment that she realized that she had to rescue the dog from wherever it was being held, thus she credited that moment with giving her the motivation to do it.

Emma remarked that he was in total disarray. But there was just something about his eyes that didn’t quite add together.

After Emma completed the adoption paperwork, she brought the dog back to her house with her.

She was pleasantly surprised by how well the car journey home with the dog went.

The older dog was just excellent in every way. He would show his appreciation for Emma’s attention by wagging his hairless tail at her, and he also enjoyed having his head scratched. When they got there, Emma’s main priority was to bring the old dog back into shape, but the fact that he had lost his appetite was the only thing that was preventing her from doing so. Despite this, Emma would not give up on her quest, and she fed the dog using a syringe instead of traditional methods.

It proved to be pretty beneficial as the dog gradually regained the hardness in his muscles.

While Emma was taking care of the dog, she ran into a more significant challenge.

They were forced to bring the dog to the veterinarian when he had a rapid case of abdominal distention. They were given the devastating news from the doctor that the dog was in the last stage of heart failure, and the doctor advised them to start making their farewell preparations as soon as possible.

However, to everyone’s surprise, Emma returned the next morning with the dog who was still full of life, despite the fact that the dog’s prospects of surviving the procedure were quite poor. She was so overcome with happiness that she started crying when the dog kissed her and laid his paw on her legs.

It was incredible to think that the dog was able to make it through all of that and still be alive.

Love restored the twinkle to his eyes and made his fur feel more comfortable again.

After a few weeks after the procedure, the dog’s hair started to grow back out. He was also able to maintain his back fitness so that he could accompany Emma on her lengthy walks outside. It was anticipated that he would not survive for more than three weeks, yet he outlived those projections. After a period of seven months, the dog is doing well and is enjoying her time with Emma.

With Emma’s boundless love for the elderly dog, he was probably able to beat the odds and live long enough to have a happy life in a wonderful home because of the support he received from Emma. It is very much appreciated that Emma and the Northwest Dog Job were able to restore the optimism that had previously been lost for this wonderful dog.

By Anna

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