Britney Spears said that the success of her new song, which she collaborated on with Elton John, gave her “the happiest day ever.”

Spears, who is 40 years old, and John, who is 75 years old, debuted their duet titled “Hold Me Closer” on Friday. The song was an immediate success, as it reached No. 1 on iTunes in the United States and in dozens of other countries, according to Spears.

She responded to the popularity of the song by posting an impromptu video on Twitter, in which she addressed John using her best impression of a British accent.

“She greeted Sir Elton John by saying, “Hello, we are like No. 1 in 40 countries,” before exclaiming, “Holy s—! I’m now soaking in the shower and getting ready to enjoy the most amazing day ever. I hope everything is going well for you.”

John had the following response to Spears’ video: “What’s up, Britney? I am grateful that you sent me this note. You’ve made my day!! I really hope that everyone has an amazing day and enjoys dancing to our music! #HoldMeCloser.”

Additionally, he tweeted his response to the success of the song, which was accompanied by a clip of the song. “I couldn’t be happier with how people have responded to the #HoldMeCloser campaign. I really wanted to work on summer music that was upbeat and positive, so I was overjoyed when Britney Spears agreed to be a part of it! I have the deepest respect and admiration for her since she is not just an icon but also one of the greatest pop artists of all time. I really hope that every one of you enjoys it!” John had put pen to paper.

The fan-favorite duet serves as Spears’ first release after the conclusion of her 13-year conservatorship in November.

The song “Hold Me Closer” takes the chorus from John’s famous track “Tiny Dancer,” which was released in 1972, and the verses from his popular single “The One,” which was released in 1992, and merges them with modern, dance-pop composition.

John discussed how he assisted Spears in making her long-awaited comeback in an interview with The Guardian. The conversation focused on John’s role in Spears’ comeback.

He said that when the song’s producer, Andrew Watt, first produced the remix of the song, they were uncertain about who could accompany him on the tune. After that, John’s wife’s then-husband, David Furnish, proposed that Spears appear in the piece.

John has been quoted as saying to the site, “He suggested that it would be excellent for Britney Spears to perform it.” “I remarked that that was a fairly incredible concept to have. It had been such a protracted period of inactivity on her part. I had been keeping up with what was taking on in her life for quite some time.”

Despite the fact that Spears consented to appear on the single, the singer was unable to go to London to record it since she was celebrating her marriage to Sam Asghari at the time. According to The Guardian, the singer of “Toxic” decided to record her vocals in Watt’s studio in Los Angeles instead, and she was able to complete the session in under two hours.

John remarked that she had an incredible voice. “It seemed as if everyone was of the opinion that she no longer has the ability to sing. But as I mentioned, she was outstanding when she first began, so I believe that she can. And she did it, and I was so ecstatic with what she did that I did it myself!”

He added: “It was necessary for us to get her authorization for what she had done. Because she has been absent for such a long time – there is a great deal of anxiety about her because she has been deceived so often, and she hasn’t really been in the public eye officially for such a long period of time. Throughout the whole of the procedure, we have been at her side, gently telling her that things are going to turn out all right.”

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