Some kids just have that certain something that makes you think they were born to be famous. Even at such a little age, they have the confidence and ability to perform in front of extremely large audiences.

The youngster, who is just three years old, sang the national anthem flawlessly, making history as the youngest individual to ever perform the song at the Carrier Dome stadium in New York.

There has never been a time when the national anthem was so cute. Just wait till you see how well this little child performs a well-known song to kick off one of Syracuse University’s women’s basketball games!

The adorably adorable Drake Grillo, who is now three years old, was clearly destined to be the center of attention.

It’s hard to think that a child as young as three could even remember the “Star-Spangled Banner,” much less perform it in front of a live audience of more than 6,000 people. However, Drake Grillo is not your average little child; watch as he courageously tackles the song and astounds the crowd with his performance.

The young man from Auburn, New York, is shown by the announcer at the beginning of the film, and he does not waste any time before beginning to sing “The Star-Spangled Banner.” Fortunately, his mother is kneeling next to him in support.

The youthful vocalist never misses a step in her performance. He performs the song in its entirety, word for word, and the crowd remains enthralled throughout.

It’s hard to imagine a more revered rendition of our national anthem than this one right here. The fact that the toddler still has some trouble pronouncing his “r’s” gives the performance an additional depth of endearing quirkiness.

The faces of those in the audience light up from ear to ear, and some of them even pull out their phones to take photographs and videos of the little youngster. He continues to astonish everyone in the audience as the song progresses, and they all watch in stunned silence as he does it.

He is quite mature for his age. Drake is able to perform the song with relative ease, in contrast to most adult vocalists who struggle even to cope with the strain.

During the whole of his performance, the room is so silent that a pin could be dropped, and no one can tear their gaze away from the talented child. Because it is simply so uplifting, you could sit and watch him do this a hundred times and it would never get old.

It is only natural that the three-year-old would mispronounce some of the more challenging terms; nevertheless, this just serves to increase the cuteness factor.

Drake tries his best to pronounce even the most difficult terms, such as “gleaming” and “perilous,” but it’s no secret that certain words are more difficult for him to say than others. After all, he had just recently started learning how to communicate, so the accomplishment is all the more remarkable for that reason.

The YouTube video, which has garnered over 3.2 million views and 44,000 likes as of this writing, is popular with viewers from all around the world.

Many people were taken aback by the young performer, particularly considering his age at the time of the song’s recording. The following individual made a humorous remark on YouTube:

When I was three years old I used to eat dirt.

Another viewer emailed us saying:

It is amazing that he did not forget the lyrics, as some other singers have been known to do in the past. Great work buddy!!”

There is no shortage of wonderful renditions of national anthems available on the internet, but it’s not often that you feel the want to give the performer a beautiful little cheek squeeze! This is definitely an opportunity that you won’t want to pass up.

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