Being a stray animal is difficult in and of itself, but avoiding capture while humans are looking for you makes it almost impossible. It would be nice to believe that the majority of people have sympathy for animals, but unfortunately, this is not always the case.

The villagers did not observe the dog and immediately seek assistance; rather, they attempted to frighten the dog away by throwing pebbles at him.

Lisa Chiarelli thankfully intervened to rescue the dog while he was in a precarious predicament, which was a terrible circumstance for a dog to be in.

Pebbles were thrown at the dog in an attempt to scare it away from the settlement by the residents, who, upon sighting the dog, did not immediately seek help. Lisa Chiarelli did everything she could to save the puppy, despite the fact that the situation was a terrible one for him.

Chiarelli reached out to Lisa Arturo of Big Love Animal Rescue when she learned that a dog in the area needed aid and was the focus of harassment from the community.

Unfortunately, Arturo was unable to find the dog when he arrived to look for him since he had vanished completely. According to The Dodo, the people who were trying to save the dog requested that Chiarelli lay a blanket out on her porch so that the dog could locate it more easily.

The next morning, just as they had anticipated, the dog was found dozing out on the blanket as they were watching television. Because of his illness and his confinement, he was unable to run anymore. Even when help had arrived, he refused to accept it.

The people who rescued him immediately realized that he needed to be examined by a veterinarian. He was experiencing both a skin infection and an eye infection at the same time. Following the examination, it was determined that he would not have lived for more than a further two or three days at the most. The results of his blood test were a complete disaster, and he required a great deal of medication and rest in order to recover.

To our great relief, he was incapable of care. His scabs eventually fell off, and his fur started to regrow at a slower but steady pace. He gained muscle and eventually broke out of his solitary existence.

After he had recovered from his injuries and completed his medical treatment, the magnificent dog was placed up for adoption, and it didn’t take long to find a kind couple who wanted to give him a forever home. In spite of the fact that it took him some time to feel at ease and safe in his surroundings, he is now a complete and total jokester! He has a tremendous amount of affection for his parents, his doggie brother, and the enormous yard that he calls his home.

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