Because of his part in the groundbreaking movie “Goodfellas,” James Caan was able to pass on an impressive legacy when he passed away. This was made possible by the fact that he was no stranger to the spotlight. Nevertheless, it is his son Scott who is carrying on the family tradition.

James Caan had five children from his several marriages, including one that was a very contentious situation. Caan was married a total of four times. Caan was married to Dee Jay Mathis for the first time from 1961 till 1966. They became parents together to a little girl named Tara.

Caan wed his second wife, Sheila Ryan, in 1976, after Ryan had already gained notoriety for her relationship with Elvis Presley. Although the couple had been married for barely a year when they had their first child together, the child was born during their relationship.

Scott was the first kid to be born to Ryan and Caan, and Ryan’s father referred to him as his “dream child.” Caan and Ryan went on to have another son. However, the father-son connection did not always go well, and at one point, both parties were required to make amends in order to save their bond.

Caan wed Ingrid Hajek in the year 1990, however by the year 1994, the couple’s marriage was also terminated. Caan was 20 years older than Hajek, and the pair had one kid together. Hajek was Caan’s junior by 20 years. Caan’s most recent marriage to Linda Stokes was by far his most unsuccessful.

1995 was the year of the couple’s wedding, and their divorce was finalized in 2015. Jacob and James were the couple’s firstborn children, born throughout the course of their marriage to each other. Caan was forced to petition for divorce twice before he really went through with it since Stokes often left him in a financially precarious position.

Caan never entered into another relationship that led to marriage after the dissolution of his marriage to Linda Stokes, which eventually took place. On the other hand, his relationship with Stokes was not the only one in which he participated in a toxic dynamic.

Although Caan got along well with all of his children, the one son, Scott, was the one with whom he spent the most time and had the most complex connection. Caan had a wonderful relationship with all of his children. Caan shared with Scott that he and Scott had spent their childhoods together, since Caan was still a child when Scott was born.

The actor was so smitten with his child that when he was born, Caan made the decision to step away from the limelight and the cameras so that he could devote his attention to his baby and to Sheila Ryan, his wife at the time.

After Scott was born, Caan stepped away from his work for close to six years in order to assist raise his son. Caan’s sister had died away around the same period, which led to Caan going a little bit off the rails and taking narcotics.

Despite this, Scott and his father maintained a very strong bond throughout this time period. Caan had made up his mind that he would bring up Scott in a very different manner compared to the way that Scott’s father had brought him up by displaying more emotion and being more accessible. He said:

“My father never told me he loved me, and as a result, I made it a point to tell Scott that I loved him on a regular basis.”

While Caan was taking a vacation from acting, he focused on becoming a father to his son Scott. The celebrity even volunteered to serve as the manager of his son’s small league baseball club. Caan said that being there for Scott through what was otherwise a challenging moment in his life was a bright spot for him.

The relationship between Scott and Caan was fraught with difficulties.

As Scott became older, things started going downhill for him and Caan as a father and son, despite the fact that their early years together as father and son were filled with joy. Because Scott became aware of his father’s struggles with drug misuse, their connection began to deteriorate.

After following his father to the dealer one evening when Scott was just fifteen years old, he confronted the man after his father had already left the establishment. When Caan learned about this, he immediately realized that he needed to make some adjustments to the way he lived his life.

Caan had the impression that he was able to keep his drug habit a secret from his son, but after seeing Scott threaten the life of a drug dealer with a baseball bat, he realized that his son was aware of everything that his father did.

The celebrity realized at that same moment that he could not continue his drug usage since it was having a negative impact on his connection with the youngster he referred to as his “dream child.” He came clean and said:

“That was a harsh awakening, to say the least. It was finished.”

Caan was in the process of recuperating at the time, and Scott was still in pain as a result of his father’s acts, thus the father and son had a difficult relationship. Because of this, Scott found himself in his own fights, and Caan was forced to assist him in overcoming them.

Caan has said in the past that to deny that his connection with Scott was unhealthy would be equivalent to lying. However, he also noted that it was his kid who supported him through his troubles, and he said something along the lines of:

“He knew me back when I still had some rough spots on my personality.”

After both men had found solutions to their problems, they were finally able to put their differences behind them and rebuild their relationship for good. After that, things started moving quickly in the direction of their being best friends once again. Caan expressed his happiness in talking about how proud he was of the young man that his son had become.


Despite the fact that Scott and Caan had a tumultuous relationship over a significant portion of Scott’s youth, the star of “Hawaii Five-0” does not harbor any animosity against his father. In point of fact, he feels indebted to him for the existence that he has now.

Scott said that his father had originally discouraged him from pursuing a career in acting; but, in the end, it was for the best since it led to him landing his part on “Hawaii Five-0” and building a prosperous career for himself.

In his discussion of their difficulties, Scott said that despite the fact that he and his father had a difficult relationship, he knew he could rely on his father to be there for him whenever he needed assistance. He explained:

“He made errors that hurt him — and me — but he has always been there for me regardless of the circumstances,”

Caan promised his son that when they had successfully patched up their relationship, he would do all in his power to ensure that his son would never be let down by him again. This line of thinking was strong in their personal lives, but it also extended to their professional life. Both of their lives were influenced by it.

Caan has said in the past that he tried his hardest not to let down his son in a film in which they both had starring roles. Scott was not only the writer of but also the producer of the love drama “Mercy,” which starred both himself and Caan.

Despite the fact that Caan had just two parts in the film, he was determined to give his all in each of those sequences in order to do the director, Ridley Scott’s film, justice. Caan said that he did not mind failing in his own capacity, but he did not want to fail Scott in any manner.

Caan was taken from us too soon in July 2022, when he was just 82 years old. The announcement was made public via Caan’s Twitter profile, along with a statement from the family expressing gratitude to followers for the outpouring of affection they had received. Following that, the family made a request for seclusion during their time of bereavement.

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