A birthday greeting was recently sent James Corden’s way, and it came from none other than Harry Styles!

The 28-year-old singer of “As It Was,” who was performing Monday night at the Madison Square Garden in New York City in front of a sold-out crowd, took a minute during his show to wish his lifelong friend a happy 44th birthday.

“There is a buddy of mine tonight, it is his birthday, his name is James,” Styles informed the crowd, as they exploded in shouts before breaking into an impromptu rendition of “Happy Birthday.” Styles was referring to James, who was celebrating his birthday.

Corden seemed to be impressed by the kind gift that his close friend had made.

“H, I just can’t believe you went through with this! It was the highlight of my birthday celebrations. Many thanks to everyone at MSG for participating in this activity!” Corden provided a commentary for a video that showed the audience at the New York institution, where Styles is now performing as part of a 15-night engagement that will run until September 20.

Both Styles and Corden have a history of spending time together in New York City with the purpose of having fun.

The two went door-to-door in Brooklyn throughout the month of May to record a do-it-yourself music video for the song “Daylight,” which is included on Harry Styles’ most recent studio album, Harry’s House, which was released on May 20.

James Corden detailed both the process of creating the music video as well as the finished product in a piece that was shown on his show The Late Late Show. After being rejected by residents of Brooklyn on many occasions, the two were ultimately able to find four housemates whose sunny flat offered the ideal setting.

“I cannot emphasize this point enough. All of this was James’s brilliant idea, “While shooting the video inside the restroom of the modest flat, Styles cracked jokes. “I was in the movie “Dunkirk,” which was directed by Christopher Nolan! This is now my closet or dressing room. Should we simply give up and throw it away? Is it too late to simply have a karaoke session in the car?”

In addition, the renowned buddies do not feel uncomfortable expressing their affection for one another.

In December of 2017, Styles gave Corden a memorable kiss as they were filming a special Carpool Karaoke Christmas episode.

After the kiss was over, Corden joked with Styles, “Wow, I did not anticipate that for Christmas.” Styles laughed and agreed.

And lest anybody believe that Styles’ devotion for Corden isn’t long-lasting, the singer has a tattoo saying “Late Late” below the middle of his bicep. The singer received the tattoo live on the CBS late-night program after missing out on a game of “Tattoo Roulette.”

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