According to Jeff Bridges, it was love at first sight when he first laid eyes on his wife, Sasan Geston. Although Geston would disagree, the pair has maintained the strength of their marriage for 47 years, and their love for one another has continued to grow stronger following Bridges’ fight against cancer.

It does not seem like actor Jeff Bridges and Susan Geston will soon break up, making them one of the Hollywood couples that have been together for the longest amount of time.

Bridges recalled the first time he met his wife in an article he wrote for the publication House of Garden. The actor said that he had his first encounter with her in 1975, while they were in Montana shooting Rancho Deluxe.

The actor caught a glimpse of Geston as they were shooting a scene in a hot tub together, but there wasn’t much he could do to engage her in conversation at the time. Bridges was aware, despite the fact that she had black eyes and a recently broken nose, that she looked stunning. When he saw her, he fell in love at first sight.

Bridges was constantly trying to get a glimpse of Geston when she was working as a waitress, but she was always one step ahead of him. Geston never let him get away with it. After finishing his shift, Bridges worked up the nerve to approach Geston and have a conversation with him.

But Geston was not impressed, as shown by the fact that she turned down the actor twice and just said, “No — it’s a small town; maybe we’ll run into each other later.”

Geston was correct; the pair did wind up running into one other in the city, and they proceeded to have a wonderful evening filled with laughter and dancing.

Bridges saw he was already developing feelings for her, so he suggested that they go on an unusual first date. He persuaded Geston to accompany him on a house-hunting excursion, and as the two of them explored the property, Bridges said that he had the impression he was seeing into the future.

Despite the fact that everything seemed to be in order and Bridges could see himself going home searching with Geston at his side as his wife, the actor said that the sensations were making him anxious.

Bridges was scared to declare Gestron as “the one” because he thought he was just “crazy in love” and not making rational decisions. At first, the thought of getting married felt like a trap; he was not sure if he and Geston could take on the challenge of marriage, and Bridges was unsure if he and Geston could take on the challenge of marriage.

When Bridges and Geston first met, Bridges was so intimidated by Geston that he couldn’t even bring himself to talk to her. Bridges’s anxiety over proposing to Geston was no different. After dating for two years, the actor decided it was time to pop the question and asked her to be his wife.

He managed to persuade himself that he could always file for divorce, but he couldn’t bring himself to let Getron go because of his worries. The actor’s journey through marriage has, thankfully, been one filled with happiness and success. Bridges said that Geston had taught him a great deal about himself, and he had done the same for Geston.

For example, Bridges said that his wife had pointed out how he “defeats” himself each time he begins working on a new screenplay. Bridges said that his wife was right.

The hero of “Iron Man” revealed that he usually feels apprehensive anytime he has to perform a new task, but he said that his wife constantly encourages him to relax and to trust himself in such situations. Bridges were quoted as saying, “It’s the basic things.”

The actor added that he and his wife have an “old conflict” that goes something like, “You simply don’t get me; you don’t know me; you don’t comprehend.” This may sound like Bridges and his wife know one other rather well, but the actor stated that this is not the case.

The recipient of the Academy Award acknowledged that they would never know all there is to know about one another, but what counts is that they get to face each obstacle together.

Isabelle, Jessica, and Haley are the three new additions to the family that Bridges and Getron have welcomed into the world. Bridges’ dream came true when he became a parent. It was all he could have hoped for in life.

After all of the anxiety that Jeff Bridges went through when he was unable to determine whether or not he should marry Geston, the actor is relieved to have her by his side now, 47 years later.

Bridges said that he and his wife’s good relationship throughout the years was due in large part to their mutual regard for one another. Bridges said that he and Geston are unique individuals, but that they embrace their differences rather than allowing them to come between them in their relationship.

In spite of the fact that Bridges has amassed a significant number of honors over the course of his career, he has said on several occasions that his family is his primary source of happiness. In October of 2020, Bridges broke the news to his followers on social media that he was undergoing treatment for lymphoma.

The actor did not provide a great deal of specific information on the sort of blood cancer he faced, but he made it very apparent that he was not prepared to give up.

Because of his health problems, Bridges felt an increased sense of gratitude for his family. According to a close source who spoke to People, the fact that he is always surrounded by his family helps keep his spirits up.

Geston was devastated when she found out that Bridges was ill, but as soon as they were informed of his diagnosis, she was aware of all the actions that needed to be taken to ensure that her husband received treatment.

In the midst of the “Iron Man” star’s chemotherapy treatment, he contracted COVID, which, due to the fact that his immune system was already compromised from the cancer treatment, struck him particularly hard.

After overcoming all of these illnesses at once, Bridges is forced to admit that he has a greater appreciation for his existence.

Geston remembered that Bridges was placed on a ventilator and that they left the hospital uncertain as to whether or not he would survive. However, she made it a point to instruct the medical professionals to use all effort in order to try to preserve her husband’s life.

In 2021, Bridges provided an update to his audience in which he said that he had successfully defeated his cancer and that the COVID symptoms had also vanished.

After overcoming all of these illnesses at once, Bridges is forced to admit that he has a greater appreciation for his existence. He is thankful to be back in shape and back at work, and he is looking forward to the opportunity to spend more time with Geston and the children.

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