Rob Kenney represents Wholesome in his current incarnation.

His channel on YouTube, where he broadcasts instructional films to assist children who are growing up without fathers, has been the source of much media attention recently. He is a father of two children. He does this by recording himself doing out fundamental activities that you would typically consult your father about, such as how to iron a dress shirt, how to repair a tire, how to shave, and a number of other such things.

Growing up was not easy for Kenney, especially in his younger years. Following the breakup of his parents’ marriage, his father was awarded custody of all eight of his children, as reported by the Washington Post. Kenney’s father, on the other hand, abandoned the family after becoming involved with another lady and announcing that he was “done parenting kids.”

In spite of this, Kenney was able to achieve a great deal in his life, including getting a position in sales and beginning a lovely family of his own. Kristine Ponten, Kenney’s daughter, shared her thoughts about her father, stating, “I really believe he was placed on Earth to be a parent.”

Therefore, it was only appropriate that the man who lives in Bellevue, Washington, decided to publish videos of himself carrying out everyday duties online for anybody who may be in need of some guidance from an authoritative authority. Back in April of 2020, Kenney’s channel was finally brought to life, and it has been growing steadily ever since that time. Kenney’s YouTube channel became even more popular when a member on Reddit commented about him on the r/Adulting topic. As a result, the number of people who subscribe to his channel has been gradually increasing.

Anyone who is seeking for some more direction on how to prepare cinnamon buns or even how to repair a home item now has the ideal person to turn to for help.

Kenney walks viewers of his films through the processes step-by-step, making it simple to follow along and comprehend what has to be done. The fact that he would sprinkle in a few dad jokes here and there is what elevates them to an even higher level. Kenney began his article “How to repair most running toilets” by relating a conversation he had with his daughter, during which she complained that her toilet “won’t stop running.” He made light of the situation by joking, “I thought for a second, it can’t be that quick, why don’t you catch it?”

People have been sharing their love for Kenney all over the internet; some have even noted that his films brought them to tears when they were viewing them. Someone wrote the following:

“The tone in which you are instructing me to “pay attention to this” is very much reminiscent of a father’s. But you’re perfect. Absolutely none of the condescension that some father figure types exhibit while instructing. I thought it was a great video and I subscribed. You seem like a fantastic dad.”

A gentleman by the name of Chris Hart went to Facebook in order to convey his appreciation to Kenney. He said that it was “such an incredible and altruistic thing to do for someone else.” “It’s tales like this that make me believe in the goodness of people.

At first, the sheer quantity of visitors that Kenney’s channel was getting surprised and shocked him. He told the Washington Post that the experience was “terrifying.” “When I initially heard about it, I didn’t think it was such a big deal.” He went on to say, “It hurts my feelings that so many people go to my channel for help.”

On the other hand, Kenney is grateful to everyone of his subscribers for the unending support they have shown for his video productions. In the month of May 2020, he shared a video in which he expressed his gratitude to everyone who had sent him encouraging comments and watched his emotional movies. Kenney’s account is clearly successful, as seen by the fact that he has over 4.08 million members and a significant number of video views.

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