Tony Danza is best recognized for his performance as Tony Micelli in the television series “Who’s the Boss?” In this role, he plays a widowed father who relocates from New York City to Fairfield, Connecticut, in order to find work as a live-in housekeeper. At the same time, he is responsible for the upbringing of his daughter and acts as a father figure to his employer’s son. Danza is now using the experiences he gained on set to better himself as a parent to his four children in real life.

On April 21, 1951, Danza was born in the borough of Brooklyn, New York. He attended the University of Dubuque for his undergraduate education and received a bachelor’s degree in the field of history there in 1972. After graduating from college, he entered the professional boxing ring and won nine of his first 12 fights. His previous work as a boxer made him an ideal candidate for his first part on television, that of Tony Banta, a cab driver who also happens to be a boxer, in the show “Taxi.” The comedy that ran from September 1978 through June 1983 and focused on the lives of New York cab drivers was very popular with viewers during its run. It was nominated for a total of 31 Emmys and took home 18 of them, including three for Outstanding Comedy Series. It also featured Judd Hirsch, Christopher Lloyd, and Danny DeVito in the role of the drivers’ dispatcher, in addition to Tony Danza.

Following the completion of the program, Danza went on to feature in “Who’s the Boss?,” which went on to become an enormously successful film. It aired from September 1984 through April 1992 and focused on Danza’s character as he negotiated being a housekeeper and fathering his own daughter, who was portrayed by Alyssa Milano. The show aired from September 1984 until April 1992. Danny Pintauro took the role of Angela Bower’s son, Jonathan, while Judith Light portrayed her part as a divorced woman named Angela Bower.

In reality, Tony Danza was already a father, since he and his first wife, Rhonda Yeoman, had already welcomed their son Marc into the world in 1971. Continue reading to learn more about Danza’s role as a father and to find out what his kids are up to these days.

After going their own ways in 1974, Danza and Yeoman got back together in 1983 and were married all over again. In the same year, they had their second child, a girl named Gina. On the other hand, their marriage was doomed to fail, and in 1985 they finally parted ways for good. The next year, in 1986, he wed Tracy Robinson, and the couple eventually welcomed two daughters into the world: Katherine, who was born in 1987, and Emily, who was born in 1993.

In 1989, Danza remarked on how he had become into a more responsible parent with the arrival of each of his children.

“After the birth of my son Marc, I decided to celebrate by going out to a pub.” As the birth coach, I was there when Katie was delivered. According to what he told Orange Coast, “I was the Vince Lombardi of birth.”

“When Marc was born, I was 19 years old. We were both growing up at the same time, and I’m the one who missed out because I wasn’t able to spend time with him,” he said.

He explained the gap to Redbook as well, adding, “Growing up, Marc was cheated in a number of ways because when he was born, I was only 19. My ex-wife used to say things like, “Look how adorable he is,” and my response was always the same: “Sure, yeah, yeah.” Call me later. I’ll be at the bar.’” When it came time for Danza to record the birth of his daughter Katie, however, the circumstances were quite different. “Coaching” his wife through the process of giving birth has been described by him as “the most wonderful thing I’ve ever, ever, ever gone through.”

Marc had also dabbled with acting in his early days, starring on “The View” and “The John Davidson Show.” In the film “Taxi,” he also made a cameo with his father. On May 3, 2017, he uploaded an old photo on Instagram showing himself and Marc working together on the set of Taxi, along with the caption “Hanging with my son Marc on the set of Taxi.” Now he is the proud father of his own two sons!

Danza went on to have a strong relationship with Marc, who is now 51 years old, in spite of his prior regrets. Danza is not only close to his son Marc, who has his appearance, but he is also enjoying his role as grandpa to Marc’s two boys.

“No, the grandfathering age!” Yes, I’m beyond father,” he exclaimed to Closer Weekly. He went on to say that it’s quite meaningful to see your son father his offspring, particularly when he’s so much better at it than you were. “I’m beyond father,” he cried. It’s pretty scary!”

He continued to explain the distinction by saying the following to Marc: “I said to you, ‘You know what the difference is between you and me as a father? See how you take your kids to play baseball? When we were younger, I used to take you to see me play baseball. And after it was all said and done, I’d always ask, “How’d I do?”

Don’t Fill Up on the Antipasto is the name of a cookbook that Danza and Marc have written together and contributed to as co-authors.

Danza’s daughters have all developed into independent adults, despite the fact that it is obvious that he has a warm relationship with his son.

Katherine, his third kid, has been creating a name for herself in the world of make-up artistry in Hollywood, while very little is known about Gina, his second eldest child and second oldest child overall. The woman, who is 35 years old and works as a freelance makeup artist, routinely showcases her work on her Instagram page. Some of the high-profile celebrities whose faces she has transformed include Rachel Bilson, Malin Akerman, and Riley Keough.

Like, Gina, his youngest daughter Emily has kept out of the spotlight as well, and not much is known about the 29-year-old.

In the meanwhile, it has been rumored that a “Who’s the Boss?” sequel is now being developed for the streaming service Freevee offered by Amazon. Although the series will center on Milano’s character in her job as a single mother, both Danza and Milano are expected to reprise their roles in the next season.

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