Two brothers and sisters went through their whole lives with one portion of their hearts gone from each of them. For this reason, when Bill finally had the chance to meet his newborn sister again, he was unable to contain his emotions and burst into tears.

After their father passed away while Bill was just 11 years old, he and his younger sister Beryl, who was also from Australia, were placed in an orphanage. He said that their father had been killed by an enemy torpedo while serving aboard the submarine Iron Crown.

The mother of the sibling had also left by the time she had spent somewhat more than two weeks in the hospital being treated for pneumonia. At a children’s home, where they were allowed to fend for themselves, various families eventually took them in as members of their households.

Over the course of a radio chat with Deborah Knight, host for 2GB, Bill shared with her that he could vividly recall the day that they were forced to spend time away from one another. He recalled the following:

“When we arrived at the orphanage, one day this nun summoned both of us into the room and informed us that we were going to be adopted and that we needed to go.”

At that time, they turned to each other, wrapped their arms around one other, and started to cry, praying that this wasn’t their last embrace. It turned out that it wasn’t, but Bill wouldn’t let go the second time even though he knew it wasn’t true.

However, before this approaching hug, Bill revealed that after looking for his sister for a total of eight decades, he came dangerously close to giving up. At this time, the old guy was certain that even if they were to locate Beryl, they would not find her in a state in which she could be saved.

On the other hand, one day his granddaughter Natalie came over for a visit with a shock for her grandfather. Very quickly, Bill was able to reconnect with his long-lost sister by calling her on the phone.

Bill stated that Beryl, who now resides in Adelaide, had also been hunting for her brother. The fact that the orphanage wouldn’t provide either of them access to the information they needed was unfortunately a significant obstacle in both of their quests.

The ecstatic brother, who resides in Sydney, wasted no time in booking a ticket to Adelaide to see his sister there, and he brought along a few other enthusiastic members of the family who insisted on going along for the trip. When asked about the first time he saw her, the old guy responded as follows:

“I wrapped my arms around my little sister, let out a small sob, and vowed to myself that no one would ever take you away from me again.”

After 80 long years, Bill finally got to meet his newborn sister, and he was so overtaken with emotion that he started crying. At this point, there was no way that a nun or anyone else could take Beryl away from him.

Deborah Knight felt sorry for the caller and expressed her understanding by saying how incredible it was in her opinion that the man could and had finally found his sister again.

The presenter who was crying herself said that she was so tremendously thrilled for Bill since it was a moment that she couldn’t even begin to comprehend. She also said that she couldn’t even begin to think how happy Bill would be.

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