On the internet, there is a lot of video of youngsters from different parts of the globe, and some of them are very remarkable. Are you ready to see one more video that will completely blow your mind? One of the most impressive young dancers to make their way into the internet may be seen in the video that follows.

At the time this video was recorded in March 2012, William Stokkebroe, who is originally from Denmark, was only 2 years old, yet he was already stunning audiences all over the globe. Because of the incredible quality of his dancing skills, this performance has been shared extensively around the internet.

During the inaugural gala, William had the opportunity to demonstrate his exquisite footwork. Because of his young age, his level of expertise may come as a surprise to you. Peter and Kristina Stokkebroe were the ones who first showed their son how to dance when he was a little child. They are also dancers that have been dancing for a significant amount of time in their own studio, which goes by the name Studie43.

In the video, William can be seen doing the jive, which is a challenging dance for someone of his age to accomplish. However, once he gets down on the floor and starts moving about, you will realize how expertly William executes the maneuvers. Can you really fathom how incredible he will become after he has had even more experience and has grown up?

Fortunately, the Studie43 channel on YouTube posted another of the prodigy’s performances in 2018, six years after William’s jive dance video became popular on the internet.

Not only has William matured, but it also seems that he has adopted a different dancing technique. The pupil, who is just 8 years old, decides to breakdance instead of performing the jive, which originated in the African American culture in the 1930s. He teams up with Specific Kidz for a dynamic and noisy group performance set to DJ Fleg’s single “Victory Ron.”

When they begin their routine, which consists of running in a circle and hyping up the audience, all of William’s other dancers, who seem like they are in high school, tower above him. As the five dancers in the group finish their introduction circle, one of them leaps into the midst of the circle and begins to demonstrate his footwork talents by bouncing back and forth in time to the loud bass. As the first dancer lowers to the ground and begins spinning on his back, the audience, which seems to be made up of other students, claps along in unison, throwing out the odd shout. After some time, the first dancer decides not to perform and offers the opportunity to one of his other group members to do a solo in front of the crowd.

Around the time that we are around halfway through the routine, William is given the opportunity to perform on his own. We are able to get a glimpse of one of his fellow dancers providing him with what seems to be some kind of motivational speech just before he hits the stage. After a few moments, he moves out in front of his team and takes the shot, at which point the audience goes absolutely crazy. The dancer, who is just 8 years old, holds his own among his more experienced peers by doing traditional breakdance techniques such as the worm and demonstrating an incredible level of coordination for such a young youngster.

However, Williams’ most impressive move does not arrive until later in the program. As the ensemble is winding down the performance, William leaps to the front of the stage for his last solo, and if we pay attention to the applause, we can see that the audience members are really impressed with his dance abilities. Once demonstrating his footwork talents one more time, William does a sudden flip backward, which transitions into a handstand after he completes the backflip. And as if the first time wasn’t impressive enough, the little dancer, who is just 8 years old, does the backflip a second time, which results in a second round of applause from the crowd. The viewers, many of whom discovered William’s breakdancing video after witnessing his viral jive performance, shared a similar level of excitement over the little boy’s progress in the dance genre. William is just 8 years old.

A commenter on the video said that he or she “was seeking for the 2-year-old who danced so nicely.” “(T)hank you, William, for bringing a smile to my face at a time when I needed it the most. Never stop dancing.”

William is still dancing, and his styles range from jive to break. Congratulations young dude keep it up!” another user also wrote.

Given that breakdancing is a uniquely American dance form, it is possible that it would have been surprised to discover a young Dane interested in the dance prior to the widespread availability of the internet. According to Britannica, the dance style known as breakdancing was developed in New York City during the 1960s and 1970s. Breakdancing draws inspiration from a broad range of disciplines, such as gymnastics and martial arts. African Americans and Latinos were among the first practitioners of breakdance, which contributed to the surge in popularity of this high-energy and improvisational dancing style in the United States. According to Britannica, breakdancing will even be an official event in the next Olympic Games in Paris in 2024.

Michael Jackson was largely responsible for one of the breakdancing’s most important turning points occurring in the 1980s. According to Britannica, Michael Jackson did not only include breakdancing in his music videos, but he also popularized the moonwalk, a dance move that became immensely popular among teens at the time. Breakdancing was also a part of Jackson’s music videos. Back in 2017, William, who seems to be an obvious admirer of breakdancing, offered a homage to the breakdancing move made famous by the pop artist classic moonwalk.

The child dancer, who was around seven years old at the time, dressed up as Michael Jackson and put on an impromptu performance in his living room in order to be ready for the Danish Carnival festival that year. Fortunately, the whole performance was captured on camera, and it is one of three of William’s performances that can be seen on the YouTube channel that is run by his parents.

Even though William is without a doubt skilled, the fact that both of his parents are working professionals in the dance industry is likely to have been a significant factor in his success.

According to the website that Peter and Kristina maintain, for instance, the husband-and-wife dancing team has been performing together for more than 21 years. Both of them began their dance training at Dorit and Erik Hybel’s Dance Institute in Odense when they were less than 5 years old. Since that time, the duo has gone on to win a total of five world championships and in 2011, they opened their own dancing studio in Risskov, which is located in Denmark.

It would seem that William is headed in a direction not dissimilar to ours, based on the dancing performances he has given. After appearing in the video below executing the jive at the age of 2, he quickly became an online phenomenon. At the age of seven, he might be seen moonwalking through his living room while dressed as Michael Jackson. And by the age of eight, he was already wowing audiences all over the globe with his breakdancing abilities. The future seems to have a lot of promise, but it is impossible to predict what William may achieve as he gets older.

What are your thoughts on William’s dance abilities, given that he is just 2 years old? In your estimation, what will he have achieved in the next five years? How about the number ten? Please let us know, and be sure to share this post with any friends, family, or colleagues who are interested in dancing.

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