If you want to make friends with dogs, sometimes all you have to do is offer them some goodies, like a piece of cheese, and then they will allow you come closer to pat them as if you have been best friends with them forever. This is one of the easiest ways to make friends with dogs.

Meet Hippo, a large Pit Bull who arrived up at a man’s home out of the blue one day and was in a terrible state when he got there. He had several wounds, and since they were bleeding, the dog was stumbling about all the time. Hope For Paws was the organization that came to his rescue, and this was one of the kindest rescues that has ever taken place.

It seemed as if he was hungry since the rescue crew gave him a cheeseburger immediately away despite the fact that he was bleeding inside from his own wounds. This led us to believe that he was hungry. Or maybe it was because he had a deep and abiding passion for cheese. He did not put up any resistance when they attempted to transport him to the vehicle because he was certain that they were kind people who would provide him with the assistance he needed.

The person who phoned them clearly didn’t want to leave Hippo, as shown by the fact that he shed tears as he touched Hippo for the last time just before the crew began to travel over to their shelter. It was plain to see that the guy had a soft place for his friendly companion Hippo since he was so cute, and it didn’t surprise anybody.

The veterinarians concluded that the dog had been run over by a vehicle based on his injuries, which included road rash, but thankfully none of the dog’s bones were broken. Hippo was also overweight, which caused him to feel overheated; after receiving a refreshing bath from the crew, he seemed extremely content with the experience.

To our great relief, Hippo is now being cared for by L.A. Rescue Animal. All of his wounds have fully recovered, he has made some new acquaintances with whom he can have fun, and he is now content with the life he leads. However, he has not yet found a home that will be his forever. Please get in touch with Los Angeles Animal Rescue if you are interested in adopting Hippo. This adorable Pit Bull should find a home with a caring family. It is hoped that he will be given a second opportunity by someone.

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