The dog was promptly given a home by Scott Merrihew and his wife, but since he was so used to having a lot of other dogs and a lot of commotion around him, he did not know how to react to the love and compassion coming from people.

According to what Scott told The Dodo, “When we initially acquired him, he exhibited a little separation anxiety and was extremely possessive of his area.” [Citation needed] “It required a great deal of patience with him over the years in order to get him to the point where he is now with regard to life away from the track.” Mosley, who was just 8 at the time, became extremely devoted to Scott’s wife once she found out she was pregnant.

” Towards the conclusion of the maternity leave, he was a great deal more affectionate than usual with my wife,” Merrihew observed. “He was aware that something was going on!” A little over a week ago, the newborn boy Lucas Merrihew was born, and ever since then, Mosley has felt nothing but love for him.

” His first impression of Lucas was that he was highly intrigued; nonetheless, he was aware that he needed to maintain his distance,” Scott added. “He has been an absolute dream with the little one. At this time, we make sure that the cats are not in the room while it is dark, but Mosley is permitted to come in.

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