One of those poor babies was named Cala, and she grew up to be a security dog for a technician in San Jose, Costa Rica. Her master had her attached to a chain that was so short that she was unable to lie down or rest her head, and she had difficulty breathing as a result. Her owner neglected to take her to the veterinarian when she was ill and provided her with very little food. Cala’s ordeal came to a happy and satisfactory conclusion, fortunately for her.

“The picture I initially saw of her revealed a pitiful creature robbed of its dignity and prepared to give up,” Lya Battle, the owner of Territorio de Zaguates, told the Dodo, “a canine whose spirit had actually been broken and was just waiting for the end to come while living a never-ending nightmare.” She indicated that the process of healing was a gradual one, saying that “the people around her still needed to inflict her suffering through the repairing of her wounds,” particularly the cut in her neck that had been created by years of hanging from a chain that was too tight around her neck.

Even when she was rescued, Cala would eventually have to go through more brutality at the hands of humans. In the month of June, someone sneaked into the shelter and attempted to kill some of the dogs there by feeding them sausages laced with poison. This tenacious puppy made it through while 16 of the other dogs did not. Fight said that this was probably due, at least in part, to her size, and despite the fact that she experienced some neurological difficulties, Cala’s health eventually restored.

Cala has really learnt to get along with new people and pets as a result of her current living situation with a foster home. “After years of neglect, suffering, and incarceration, it looks that Cala is getting all of the puppy misbehavior routine out of her system, and we all believe it is perfectly fantastic. After all, she has been through a lot,” “This rescue is an epic war of great against poverty and of hatred against love, and in the end, as it always does, love prevails,” said Fight, adding that “She is more than happy, strong, obstinate, and a little bit stubborn since she has been pampered by her foster mom and family.”

Territorio de Zaguates is dedicated to the rescuing and rehoming of thousands of stray and abandoned dogs in Costa Rica. The organization’s goal is to provide these dogs with the opportunity to “get plenty of attention and mingle with the people and families.”

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