Every animal that is without a home is fragile and frail. Nobody can even begin to fathom the dreadful challenges they face on a daily basis when they are forced to fend for themselves in the harsh elements of the outdoors. What a difficult existence these unfortunate creatures were forced to lead in the past, when they shared a house with their masters. And what exactly happened to them that led them to be so terrified that they won’t allow anybody get close to them?

A homeless German Shepherd had been living beneath a vehicle for many days when someone saw her and phoned Hope For Paws to seek for assistance. Prior to this, no one knew she was there. Unhesitatingly, the rescue crew went to her aid in order to save her.

Because she was so frightened, the dog just hid beneath the vehicle. Her eyes were cast in such a pitiful expression, and her clothing was dirty. The person who rescued her gave her a cheeseburger as a reward, but the dog did not get any food. She was too terrified to let out a scream, which would have been absolutely gut-wrenching to hear. It sounded like a person in agony and despair wailing out in anguish. They made an effort to capture her, but it was difficult for them to do so since she was able to evade them.

After they eventually had the dog under control and were able to calm her down, they gave her the name Rain. She did not respond to the touch of other individuals and instead sat in silence with a sad look on her face. She eventually came around to the idea of going with them, and at that moment, she seemed to have a sense of relief, as if she now realized that she was in good hands. In the future, she would find a new and better life waiting for her.

Thank goodness, only two weeks later, Rain found a forever home. She was no longer afraid after adopting the moniker Sassy Pants Dunbar and getting a new identity. It was incredible to see how quickly her expression went from one of despair to one of amusement. Whatever difficulties she had in the past are best left in the past where they belong. Because Sassy Pants Dunbar was such a kind and kind young lady, she deserved nothing but the very best in life. She had a sibling to play with who was older than her as well as a loving owner who would love and care for her for the rest of her life.

By Elen

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