Kendra Powell was going about her day in Georgia in the same manner as she normally would on her way to work one morning. Nevertheless, on this particular morning, she saw something that drew her attention. She saw a state police car pulled over on the side of the road with the trunk open, but she did not see anybody inside. Whatever the case may have been, Powell had a compelling need to investigate the car in question. The events that follow are ones that everyone who was part in them will never forget.

Even though the mission of police officers is to serve and protect the communities in which they work, many members of the public continue to be wary of them as a result of the reporting of news stories throughout the years.

A woman pulls over to check on a police officer who has pulled over on the side of the road, and the officer requests prayer.

Powell complied with the compulsion and retreated before turning around to examine the situation.

Powell is very aware of the racial strain that is present all throughout our nation. As a result of this, a significant number of civilians are need to exercise heightened caution whenever they engage with cops. She arrived at the scene slowly and put her window down slightly before the state policeman got on the scene. Powell posted the following in a post: “Even with all that was going on in the media, I felt obligated to stop and make sure he was alright. I never did see him; all I saw was the automobile. After moving across the area at the speed of a snail, I decided to turn back. I stopped in front of the vehicle and cracked the window, allowing my hands to be seen. I looked over and saw a white officer approach the vehicle from the side.

It wouldn’t be long before she found out his plan.

Powell wanted to make sure that the officer was okay and didn’t want any help of any type after he greeted him with a warm “good morning.” After this, Powell wanted to make sure that the officer was fine.

The citizen of Georgia was treated with nothing but compassion, in contrast to the other accounts she had read or seen in the media. It also came to light that there was nothing incorrect; all he was doing was washing the windows of his car at the time. “He responded with a dazzling grin that he was washing his windows and said no ma’am when she asked him about it. When he showed me the bottle and towels, I informed him that he had the good stuff in his possession. He then asked me, with a grin, whether I minded if he cleaned mine as well.

It developed into a sight that attracted the attention of passing automobiles as well.

Powell was taken aback by the fact that the state policeman started washing her windows right there on the side of the highway, but she couldn’t help but be pleased. She elaborated on this subject in her essay, writing, “Highlight of my day…state policeman washing my windows with the excellent Rain X cleaner.” Every person who walked by looked as if they were completely taken aback. Then, a middle-aged white couple came along and inquired as to whether or not they could have theirs done as well. Oh, so he cleaned theirs, too! That’s hilarious! Powell’s heart had already been stirred by the circumstance, but quickly after that, it evolved into an even more intense moment. The woman offered to pay him, but he declined the offer and instead asked that we pray for him instead. So we did. Right along Route 46, in the early hours of the morning, all of us joined hands and prayed together as we were stopped on the side of the road for EVERYONE to see.

White hands, black hands, officer hands, young hands, and elderly hands all contributed to an unprecedented level of glory. Powell made the decision to talk about her experience because of the profound impact that her morning detour had on her. As soon as it was uploaded on the internet, it instantly gained widespread attention. This post from Love What Matters immediately went viral, amassing more than 319 thousand shares. Statista estimates that there were approximately 650 thousand full-time law enforcement personnel working in the United States at the time.

On that particular day, Powell had the good fortune to meet one of the numerous people who go above and beyond the call of duty and have a kind heart. Her last comment in the thread said, “I was late for work haha but it was absolutely worth it.” I couldn’t have asked for a more enjoyable way to begin my day.”

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