The heroes who came to Daniel’s aid were moved emotionally by his story. As a result of his acute malnourishment, he was unable to walk with his front legs. Even though he was in a bad situation, as soon as he noticed the people who were there to save him, he began crawling toward them.

The people who came to his aid grabbed him up and took him under their care as soon as they saw him. It did not take Daniel very long at all to recover his sense that he was protected and well-fed. Within the first two weeks, he had already begun to use his front legs again!

Daniel is able to not only walk today because to the great work of this team, but he also bounds about the house like a happy dog of any breed! What a remarkable moment that was! He was taken in by a loving family in Blue Springs, Missouri, and adopted by them. We hope that one day, all puppy mills will be shut down, and that adorable dogs like Daniel can find loving homes to spend the rest of their lives in.

By Elen

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