The cyclical nature of life is a lovely thing to see. As we are growing up, our parents look after us, and as we become older, we end up helping our parents look for themselves. One day, we will be in the same situation as our children and need the same amount of love and care that we have given to them.

When a certain individual by the name of Schon Miller saw that his old parents were having difficulty, he made the decision to assist them.

Both Bonnie and George had reached the ripe old age of 87 and needed assistance with the activities of daily living.

Unfortunately, all of the available alternatives for senior living left much to be desired, and the idea of placing his parents in one of them made him feel queasy. He did not want to do that. Because of this, Schon and his wife Jeanie came to the conclusion that they should go with an alternative choice.

The couple decided to start looking for a new home that had an in-law apartment connected to it.
However, since they were unable to locate one that met their requirements and was available on the market, they were forced to move on to plan two, which included renovating the recreation area in their basement. There was a significant amount of labor involved, but in the long run, everything paid off.

Jeanie was able to capture on tape the touching moment that occurred when Bonnie and George first got to view their new home. This footage was then uploaded to YouTube on a channel known as Cater’s Clips.

The video conveys a great deal of feeling and is definitely something that you should look into seeing for yourself.

Schon said:

“We had been discussing it with mom for some time since we were aware that they were relying on one other with one decent body and one good mind,”

Both the body and the intellect begin to show signs of decline as one gets older, which is to be anticipated. Bonnie was confined to a wheelchair, and George’s mental acuity was nothing like what it had been when he was younger.

Even though the two were still able to live independently by working as a team, it was certainly desirable for Schon and Jeanie that their parents were positioned nearby, just in case. This was because of the possibility of emergency situations.

The construction of the elderly couple’s underground house was not without its share of ups and downs.

Not only were they had to make a hole in the wall of their basement, but they also had to get rid of their karaoke machine, pool table, and pretty much everything else in the basement.

However, after several days of arduous labor, the brand-new “granny pad” in the basement was finally finished.

The only thing that remained to be done at this point was to relocate to Schon’s parents.

In the footage, Schon is seen bringing his mother and his father in a wheelchair through the front entrance, with Schon’s father following closely after. They are immediately taken aback as soon as the elderly couple walks through the door.

It’s a touching scene when Bonnie gives way to her emotions and starts crying.

“It is just so lovely. Take a good look at everything! Bonnie says. “Yes, certainly,” answers George.

Watch the following video to watch Bonnie and George give you a tour of their brand new house! They are really blessed to have such wonderful parents!

By Anna

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