Despite the fact that both of her legs were broken, a stray mother dog fought desperately to save her puppies while waiting for assistance.

This unfortunate mother was discovered by Ahmed Abdelhamid in the neighborhood of Mustafa Kamel Street in Egypt. She continued to be in a deplorable state.

Her legs were fractured, her back was wounded and her teeth were broken. Someone said that she had ten pups, however out of those ten, six of them passed away.

However, she is having a hard time locating nutrients that will sustain the lives of her four pups.

Every day, Ahmed Abdelhamid brings milk, food, and water for the mother and her babies. He does not have all that he needs to assist them, but he did his best to assist them. He was unable to rescue all of the puppies, but he tried, and this is what we need to do.

By Anna

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