When the staff at Animal’s Cottage – Rescue Center heard about a helpless kitten that had been crying for many days in a garden, they hurried over to rescue the small infant. It came out that his mother had left him alone, so in order to wake her up at night, he would cry loudly and shout her name. Sadly, the mother never returned back to pick up her little child, who was fending for himself and attempting to survive on his own.

The people attempting to save him made a number of attempts to seize him, but they were unsuccessful. The poor creature was terrified of humans and would run away if anyone got close to him. The people who were trying to save him wouldn’t give up since they knew he deserved a loving family. They had to overcome a lot of challenges in order to rescue the cat. In the end, they were able to effectively capture him. That was the very first time that they had to do a rescue operation throughout the night.

The people who came to the kitten’s rescue moved fast to bring him to their facility so they could care for him there. The little child was frightened and continued to cry out for his mother, so they attempted to reassure him and put him at ease. They offered him some food to satisfy his empty stomach and allowed him to rest for a time before moving on. They were unable to do anything for him other than provide him with food and affection since medical facilities were also closed at that time.

The rescued kitten was still skittish the next day, so its saviors decided to focus on showing him their affection in the hopes of winning his confidence. The rescued kitty eventually developed romantic feelings for his saviors and the other rescued animals. Because of their affection for one another, he is now used to sharing a home with them. Even his name has changed; his new moniker is Biscuit. What a sweet sounding name!

This video really tore our hearts out completely! Poor darling! You are now in safe, capable hands, and all of your needs will be met! I’m relieved that the Animal’s Cottage decided to take her in! It takes some time before a cat will let you into its trust. Once you get it, the kitten will be your constant companion for the rest of its life. I am grateful to you for rescuing and assisting her. May God richly bless you!

By Elen

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