Due to the fact that they have such strong instincts, Rottweilers, who are considered to be one of the most intelligent dog breeds, are nearly as attentive as humans when it comes to aiding and saving lives. The tale of the Rottweiler that was able to rescue 37 people from certain death shook the whole world. In the year 1999, Venezuela was struck by a disaster that resulted in a significant loss of life and massive devastation of material property. A great number of individuals had everything they owned destroyed, including their houses, their animals, and even their loved ones. Mauricio Perez, the pilot of the Vargas, was also impacted in some way by this catastrophe. He also owned two kittens and five pups, in addition to two Rottweilers.

On December 15 and 16, the state of Vargas was pummeled by a severe storm that brought large amounts of rain. Two dogs, both of which were acting quite oddly, were the only ones who were aware of what was going to take place. So didn’t take long for people to figure out why dogs acted in such a peculiar manner, but nobody understood why they did it at first. Perez and his family made a hasty escape onto the terrace in order to preserve themselves as the storm was rapidly moving in their direction and the surrounding area was beginning to flood. Everyone was in a state of terror as the rain would not stop, and they waited anxiously for assistance. When the rescue team finally came, it wasn’t until the morning after the previous day.

Because no one wanted to help the animals, Orion the dog was unable to join the rescue boat when it came to save them. They were brought to safety with tears in their eyes, not so much owing to the physical pain, but more due to the family’s fear of never seeing their dog again, which was the primary reason for their fear.

When the courageous dog, after being left alone for a while, made the decision to jump into the water, everyone was perplexed since they had no clue what the dog was doing. After a short period, though, everyone in the room was taken aback and startled. The child was clinging to a tree stump for her life when the dog came swimming up to her and started barking for assistance. She was petrified, and as a result, she put up her greatest effort to save her life. The dog latched onto her arm and dragged her away from danger. Orion’s bravery saved the life of the unfortunate young woman and prevented her from passing away! Just when you thought that Orion had finished helping people, he went back in to save the life of another girl who was 14 years old.

Orion continued to perform the dangerous behavior of repeatedly plunging into the water, and no one was able to stop him. Everyone who was in need of aid was someone he wanted to protect and save. Together with the others who were on the rescue teams, he made an unceasing effort to save the lives of those who were in danger.

After some time had passed, the family made a request to the rescue group for information about their dog. Nobody had any information on him at all. The grieving family was utterly heartbroken and shocked, and they braced themselves for the worst possible outcome.

Two days later, Mr. Perez was watching television when he came across some peculiar news: the heroic deed of the dog had reached the headlines. He was completely unaware that it was his dog, Orion. This incredible animal is credited for saving no less than 37 people’s lives. As soon as Perez realized who it was, he was overcome with feelings of pride and happiness. He bawled his eyes out, shedding tears for the first first time in his life. A heroic achievement medal was bestowed to the dog.

Since that fateful day, Orion has become a magnificent hero. He often appears as a special guest on various television programs, and everyone is eager to talk to him. Sadly, his courageous heart stopped beating in the year 2008. Today, we celebrate him as a hero so that we might learn the value of being helpful to others at all times.

By Elen

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