In the year 2022, Toby Keith was undergoing treatment for his illness while his wife, their children, and other members of his extended family were at his side. Fans expressed their hope that the actor would make a full recovery, but it seemed that others were taking advantage of Toby’s tragedy for their own financial gain.

Toby Keith broke the devastating news to his followers on Instagram on June 12, 2022, when he posted about the diagnosis of cancer that he had received. The legendary singer said that the diagnosis of stomach cancer was made in the previous autumn.

He detailed how he had spent the last half year undergoing chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery in order to treat his cancer. The good news was that his body seemed to be responding well to the therapy, which meant that Toby could take some time off.

He promised that he would unwind, take some deep breaths, and be well after his therapy. Before going on to say that he couldn’t wait to see his fans “sooner rather than later,” the country artist expressed his excitement over the prospect of spending quality time with his family.

Toby was referring to his wife, Tricia Covel, whom he had been married to for 38 years by the year 2022, as well as his three children and many grandkids when he spoke about his family. At the time that the singer of “Red Solo Cup” made his declaration, he was in the midst of a tour in support of the release of his most recent album, “Peso In My Pocket..”


Toby mentioned his graduation from Moore High School in 1979 in a prior interview. The interview took place in 1979. After that, he followed in his father’s footsteps and got a job in the oil sector, but in his spare time, he indulged his artistic side by doing something else.

The future superstar and his band, Easy Money, used to perform at neighborhood watering holes. When he was 20 years old, he was at a club when he met Tricia Lucus, who worked as a secretary for an oil firm and was 19 years old at the time. She characterized him as “one of those larger-than-life people” who was brimming with confidence.

After dating for a total of three years prior to being married in 1984, the couple tied the knot. As a result of the decline in oil fields, Toby was compelled to devote more time to his music, and his band began performing at area events on a full-time basis as he and Tricia raised a family and attempted to negotiate with their creditors. Tricia recalled that:

“He’d remark, ‘Trish, one of these days, my time is coming,'” the narrator explains. Keep pushing through,'”

Toby previously said that a number of individuals had suggested to his wife that she should advise him to obtain “a real job” since he was pursuing a career in show business. He spoke highly of his wife, praising her as a lady with a kind heart and a courageous spirit for being by his side no matter what.

The singer remarked how wonderful it would be for the two of them if he was successful in his endeavors. When the iconic actor first met the woman who would later become his wife and fell in love with her, she already had a daughter named Shelley. When Toby married Tricia, he adopted Shelley as his own daughter.

Krystal Keith, the singer’s daughter, was born to him and his wife in the year 1985. Krystal Keith ultimately opted to pursue a career in country music, much like her famous musician father. Stelen, who was born in 1997, was the singer’s youngest and last kid.

According to what was written on his Instagram profile, he was an investor who worked in venture management. After the passing of Toby’s father, H.K. Covel, the country singer said that his attention had begun to be directed more on his family.

He said that ever since his father had passed away, it had been very difficult for him to be away from his children. Toby related how his father, a retired CEO for an oil firm, held a burial that was “fit for a king,” but he didn’t cry because he was so focused on taking over the care of his family following his father’s passing.

In 2010, the artist disclosed information on his property located outside of Norman, Oklahoma, known as Dream Walkin’ Farms. He said that it was the location where he maintained his stable of thoroughbred racehorses and had gaming evenings.

He took great pleasure in spending time with his family on the 160-acre ranch, which was located far from Hollywood and the public eye. They engaged in activities such as racquetball and basketball, went fishing, and competed against one another in games like Uno and Risk.

Toby and his wife had spent a total of twelve years working toward the goal of constructing their ideal house amid the rolling plains of Oklahoma. The musician said that when he and Tricia first arrived at the property, there was nothing there and they were able to transform it into anything they want.

The estate had a home that was 8,900 square feet in size and included a kitchen, theater room, and a cabana that was 2,500 square feet in size and provided space for visitors to rest, swim, or cook. Toby and his family enjoy spending time together fishing for perch, bass, and catfish on the lake that is next to their property.

In addition, there is a two-story garage that is 6,000 square feet in size and can accommodate eight vehicles. During his recovery from therapy, Toby’s family was able to strengthen their bonds by spending time together at the ranch.


On August 8, 2022, Toby wanted to express his gratitude to his devoted following for their continued support and prayers at a difficult period in his life. The celebrity thanked their fans for their “love and support” while also posting a video compilation of some of the comments they received.

The country artist referred to his supporters as the “greatest” fans everywhere in the globe in June 2022. This was due to the support they provided. One of Toby’s fans commented on the post, saying that he was “honorable” for performing the job of the angels for veterans, soldiers, and children with cancer and their families, and the following is what they had to say about it:

Who else in the history of country music but Toby Keith has been able to accomplish as much with their life? We ask that there be no boundaries or restrictions placed on him, just opportunities.

Someone other described how Toby’s supporters had been there for him during the difficult times in his life as well as the happy times. Before mentioning that the celebrity was in their thoughts and prayers and that they wanted him time to heal, the fan said that no one battled alone in reference to their support. They also wished him time to recover.

Unfortunately, not everyone was in it for Toby’s sake, as others sought to take advantage of the singer’s misery in order to further their own agendas. In June of 2022, the celebrity sent a cautionary message to his genuine followers, warning them to be on the lookout for “imposter accounts” that falsely claimed to be his.

He said that he and his team had been made aware of accounts publishing “falsified updates” on Toby’s health. He added that he and his team had been investigating the matter. The removal of the fictitious accounts was mentioned in the message, and it said that the staff was working on it.

On the celebrity’s Instagram account, it was specified that only verified sources will be used to provide updates. It was discovered that Toby would never physically contact someone in order to ask for financial assistance, and accounts that did so should be reported.

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