Every day, in every part of the world, passengers travel without incident. Having said that, every once in a while something will go wrong when you are in the air. After arriving on a flight from Philadelphia, the officials at Miami International welcomed a single male passenger. When one passenger had to be taped to his seat in the middle of the trip, it was clear that the journey did not proceed according to plan.

After consuming a few alcoholic beverages throughout his journey, passenger Maxwell Wilkinson Berry began to act in an unacceptable manner. In the beginning, he behaved in an unacceptable manner against one of the flight attendants by rubbing his beverage cup on her before she warned him to stop. In the latter part of the trip, he managed to get a drink all over his shirt. While he was walking about the aircraft naked for over 15 minutes, a flight attendant was required to assist him in obtaining a replacement shirt. In the end, he inappropriately touched another flight attendant. After being helped back to his seat, a male flight attendant was appointed to keep an eye on Berry during the remainder of the journey. That flight attendant was attacked by Berry, and as a result, passengers and another flight attendant had to subdue Berry.

Berry was held in place till arrival at Miami International Airport with the use of duck tape. Following the event, Berry presented themselves in court. He was given a sentence of sixty days in prison for his crime. His parents stated in court that he was an upstanding student and a top athlete, but they also agreed that his acts were unacceptable. Their testimony was presented during his court hearing. At first, Frontier airlines exonerated the flight attendants that were involved; however, as the Association of Flight Attendants became involved, Frontier reversed their decision. As a direct consequence of this, the flight attendants were required to take paid leave while the investigation into the event continued. Continue reading to see the footage that has gone viral of Berry on the Frontier aircraft.

While flying with Frontier from Philadelphia to Miami International Airport, Berry was caught on camera engaging in incredibly improper behavior, which was then shared on social media and has received millions of views. The flight attendants, as reported by Local 10, thought that strapping the disruptive passenger down was the safest move to take for everyone on board.

A flight attendant named Jordan Galarza was quoted as saying, “You may argue that it seemed a little savage, but it worked wonderfully, and no one was wounded because of how we did what we did,” in reference to the situation.

“My number one responsibility on any airplane is to safeguard the passengers, including Maxwell Berry, who we did get to Miami safely that day,” he continued. Maxwell Berry was one of the people who made it to Miami without incident. He continued by stating that Berry was an unsafe risk and should have been restrained with tape. Galarza said that the passenger had “made an enemy out of everyone on that aircraft.” He concluded by saying, “The individuals who were on that flight saw justice taken care of more so than what we witnessed today.”

Berry’s attorney, Jason Kreiss, said that his client was excited to put this matter in the rearview mirror as soon as possible.

Kreiss said that Mr. Berry is eager to leave this ordeal in the past. “Mr. Berry is looking forward to putting this event behind him,” According to what he had to say, “we provided the court with considerable mitigation, but we accept the court’s determination in this situation.”

Frontier Airlines has said that they are making efforts to ensure the safety of its employees both on the ground and in the air while they are doing their jobs.

“Even though they were attacked on this trip, Frontier Airlines continues to hold all of its flight attendants in the highest regard and show them the greatest value, respect, concern, and support. We are providing for the requirements of these members of the team and cooperating with law authorities to provide full assistance for the prosecution of the passenger who was engaged in this incident “according to the airline.

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