Recently, Jolie Mejia and her family went to one of the beaches in the area for a vacation. While there, they came across a story of love in its purest form.

After Meja and her family had set up camp by the water, they were aware of a lone stray dog that approached them. This is when everything began to go wrong.

“He didn’t appear like he was all alone. According to what Meja said to The Dodo, “He had a ribbon around his neck, and his fur was clean.” I petted him while waiting for his owner to come to pick him up, but many minutes passed and nobody showed up.

Although it seemed that the dog enjoyed the company of the other animals that Meja was with, the canine’s attention was always focused on the water.

And it didn’t take Meja long to piece out the endearing story behind all of this.

Assuming that the puppy had been left behind, Meja and her family entertained the idea of giving him a permanent home with them. Meja approached a local guy who was walking by and inquired him if he was familiar with the history of the dog.

According to Meja, “He added that nearly everyone in the region knows the dog and that they all have a great deal of affection for him.”

“He informed us that the dog’s owner was a fisherman who had gone away quite some time ago and that the dog comes to the beach every day and looks out to sea,” he said.

It would indicate that the dog was standing guard in anticipation of the friend’s unexpected return.

Meja said that “we were deeply affected” by what happened.

Meja believes that the dog’s owner went away somewhere out at sea around a year ago and that ever since then, the dog has been keeping a watchful eye on the water.

Even if it turns out that the dog’s owner will never come back for him, the dog will always have pals who care for him.

It would seem that the residents in the area are aware of the difficult past that the dog has through because they provide him with food and shelter whenever he is in need.

A local veterinarian has provided The Dodo with confirmation that the dog’s name is Vaguito and that he is presently being cared for by a local lady. This information was provided in response to an inquiry from The Dodo.

At the conclusion of the day, Mejia and her family said their goodbyes to Vaguito and parted ways with him. However, Vaguito’s gaze remained fixed on the ocean.

She won’t forget his heartbreaking story anytime soon, which was about his devotion to love that he had to give up as well as the loyalty and compassion he found in the town.

“I have a dog at home,” Mejía replied. “I adore dogs in general. His narrative left a deep impression on my soul.

By Anna

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