This already stray cat was brought back to life with little more than some affection and petting.

When Zaak and I were returning from our bike ride earlier today, we came across this kitten in the middle of the road. Due to the amount of sobbing that was going on at the beginning of the video, I muted it. “We felt we were going to see her writhing in agony as she passed away,” Glorianna added.

The moment Zaak began to touch the infant, things began to take a turn for the better…

After ten minutes of sitting with her, we finally made the decision to relocate her to the shoulder of the road. We waited, but she appeared to be feeling better with each passing minute, so we brought her home and cleaned her up.

The petting seemed to bring out a more receptive side of the kitty. Even more adorable was the way she began to purr and make kitten-like noises. It was surprising how much of a change it brought about in such a short amount of time.

They showed the young cat how to drink from a bottle they had provided.

They are providing round-the-clock care for the kitten, and she is successfully recovering and becoming stronger with each passing day.

This is the power that love has!

By Elen

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