For most of us, dogs are the most cherishing pets. This includes stray dogs that are forced to live in deplorable conditions and are thus lacking a clear understanding of what love entails.

As in the tale of Buboy satisfying his partner, it is without a doubt exceedingly agonizing to realize that the last time we saw someone we had seen since late was eventually the final time we would see them.

His partner stood out to him as an exceptional one-of-a-kind person in every way that he could imagine. Carmelito Marcelo, a teacher at Mabalacat City College in Pampanga, Philippines, spent a significant amount of time working with a dog named Buboy.

The two of them became close pals as a result of his practicing mindfulness toward him and consistently providing him with food. He invests a lot of his time and effort with Buboy and regularly feeds him.

At school, he and Buboy were longtime friends despite the fact that he was unable to accept Buboy as a buddy. Buboy never stops hunting for his companion and is almost always found with him when he does find him.

The instructor, Carmelito Marcelo, has a deep affection and interest for Buboy and is always interested in him. Carmelito Marcelo, 58, a teacher, passed away on May 18 due to complications from a stroke, which has left everyone, even his furry pet Buboy, in disbelief.

The devoted canine had been showing up to his trainer’s place of employment on a daily basis for the course of the past two weeks and fourteen days.

Because they were concerned about Buboy’s behavior, the understudies for Carmelito decided to accompany the dog to the congregation where the deceased teacher’s corpse was cremated and buried. In order to show his admiration for Marcelo’s life and work, Buboy hangs above the location of his ultimate resting place.

The student, Mark Christian Arceo, took a picture of the moment with his camera and uploaded it to a website for user delight with the following caption: “A dog is the only thing in the world that loves you more than it loves itself”– Josh Billings.

Mark added the following in his presentation:, It’s quite difficult to watch the dog hanging fast for his mate. He is completely oblivious to the fact that his great buddy has passed away.

Everyone contributed as much as they could in order to assist Buboy. The employees of Mabalacat City College have said that they wish to assist Buboy with the process of seeing them as another home.

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