This year, a United States soldier serving in the Middle East has one wish for Father’s Day: he wants to retrieve the dog he discovered close to the base and deliver it to his family in Utah.

US Army Sgt. Macintire, a father of six who is currently on his 15th deployment overseas, located the puppy he called CJ while out on patrol. He is now hoping that with the assistance of fans and the New York-based non-profit Paws of War, he will be able to transport her back home. Paws of War was founded in 2003.

Macintire told The Article that getting CJ back to his family in Utah would be the perfect Father’s Day gift. “Obtaining CJ back would undoubtedly be the nicest present,” “He was always destined to be a part of my family. It’s going to turn out just amazing!

When CJ was still being looked after by her mother, a soldier who cannot divulge his first name or the nation in which he is stationed came upon her when she was walking down a dirt road near to the military installation.

After walking over to get a closer look, he saw that CJ and her siblings were in a precarious situation and were asking for assistance. However, their canine father, who was eventually given the name Cooper, got in the way of Macintire and the babies, forcing him to maintain his distance from them.

Macintire made the decision to give it one more go the next day and came back with a few additional troops and some food in order to begin earning Cooper’s trust and acquiring Cooper’s confidence.

“Although Cooper maintained his defensive stance, Sgt. Macintire did not give up at any point. “Having been raised in a boy’s group home, he appreciated Cooper’s protective fatherly character for his family,” Paws of War told The Post. “He liked Cooper’s protective fatherly nature for his household.”

“He exhibited great patience as he waited for Cooper to gain his confidence and begin accepting food from him, which resulted in him being given permission to go closer to the pups.

The troops quickly formed a friendship with the dog family and spent a lot of time hanging out with them, playing with them, and feeding them until one day the dogs mysteriously vanished.

While the troops continued their search for the rest of the family, they were only able to uncover one puppy that was still around. She was sick, terrified, and in critical need of care at the time they found her.

Macintire said that he “vowed to become” the dog’s new father and named her Cooper Junior, or CJ for short. He also made contact with Paws of Battle in an effort to get assistance.

The organization that helps service members navigate the complicated process of transporting pets they save overseas back to the United States immediately stepped in to assist in relocating CJ to an emergency clinic in the Middle East so that she could receive the essential veterinary care that she required.

The difficult puppy was saved by the skin of its teeth. Paws of Battle said that she has now made a full recovery and is looking forward to meeting the forever home she has found in Utah.

” We are always pleased to help our soldiers get the pets they saved while deployed, to their families so that they are waiting for them when the soldier returns house,” claimed Dereck Cartright, a disabled expert who functions as the stateside logistics coordinator for the charitable organization. “We are always pleased to help our soldiers get the pets they saved while deployed, to their families so that they are waiting for them when the soldier returns home.”

However, this is not something that we can do on our own. To contribute to covering the expenditures, we are looking for support from members of the local community. Every contribution, no matter how little, contributes to the overall success of the objective.

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