The unfortunate puppy had spent the last five years dangling from a chain in the backyard. She had advanced management, which caused her to become malnourished and she also lost all of her hair. Her owner really did not provide her with food or any kind of attention at any point.

The woman who lived next door would sometimes visit and feed the dog stale bread since that was all she could afford to buy at the time. Amazingly, the dog didn’t even bother to chew it before swallowing it whole over the fence. It would be grossly understating the situation to say that she was famished. The kind stranger recorded a video of the abused dog and attached it to her message. You can see it here. The search and rescue crew promised they would assist the dog and showed up the next day.

Those who came to the rescue were adamant! They were going to bring this dog with them so that they could give her a fighting chance to survive! They tried all in their power to persuade the dog’s owner to give up ownership of the animal. It took hours because they kept talking back and forth about why the dog needed care and why they would report her to the police if she didn’t give the dog up if she didn’t give the dog up. At long last, the owner gave up. As soon as they approached the friendly dog, she seemed to understand why they were there as soon as they got close enough.

The adorable child looked for as if to express her gratitude to them. They reassured her that everything was going to be all right now by patting her on the head and assuring her that they would always be there for her. They eventually, after a period of five years, removed the chain from her and placed her in their vehicle. It was time for a comprehensive examination by the veterinarian! It was time to start a fresh new chapter in life, complete with a new moniker. They decided to give her the name Lada.

The dermatologist confirmed that she suffered from a severe kind of skin illness that was brought on by fleas. Lada was in a lot of pain as a result of the fact that her flea problem hadn’t been addressed for the last five years. Praise God, she had at last found herself in the appropriate company! The very first time that Lada waggled her tail was when she was being examined on the table, and a rescue worker was giving her some affection at the moment. Without a doubt, it was a moment of enchantment!

It is recommended that Lada spend the next 30 days at the veterinary clinic. She needs therapy around the clock until her body is able to handle her weight. Lada had her epiphany about what it means to be loved during this time period. Her new pals pay her a visit each and every day, and they couldn’t be happier to see that her fur is growing back and that she is putting on weight. She is just five years old and has never experienced love before, but things are looking up for her in the future.

Lada will soon be in a state of health and equilibrium that allows her to be adopted into a permanent family. We are overjoyed that this child has finally been freed from the harsh chain that was imposed on her by her vicious master. To see the rescuing of Lada, click the play button on the video that is given below. The rescue workers are doing everything in their power to save as many lives as they can. It is important that we raise awareness by telling their tales. Are you as thrilled as we are with Lada’s success?

By Anna

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