Because dogs are such obedient and dedicated animals, they have earned our affection and the right to be treated as if they were a part of our family. Sadly, many callous owners give up their four-legged companions when they relocate to a new place or for some other reason. These dogs nevertheless have a great deal of affection for their human companions despite the fact that they are often left alone. It’s going to shatter your heart!

Carla, a poor dog that lived in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, was left behind by her human family, which resulted in her suffering the fate described above. They relocated to a new location and abandoned her, leaving her to fend for herself in the harsh elements outside on the streets. She continued to show her commitment to them even though she was given little attention. She was unwilling to go from the location where she had been abandoned and waited for them to come back and get her.

Carla was unaware that they no longer desired her, and as a result, she had been sitting in a park in the bitter cold for the better part of two days waiting for them to return. Residents in the area were concerned about her safety, so they reached out to Janine Guido, an experienced rescuer who also founded an animal rescue organization in the area, for assistance.

After receiving the call, Janine quickly drove out to save the dog. Carla was too afraid and wouldn’t let anyone get near her. Whenever she tried to touch the dog or put a leash on her, she ran away. She refused help from people but accepted some food from Janine’s hand. Many people tried to catch Carla, but she was scared and disappeared for a few days.

On a certain day, Janine updated her Facebook page with live information on the rescue. She located Carla and earned Carla’s confidence. After what seemed like days of waiting, the dog most likely became exhausted and recognized she needed assistance. Because of this, she made the decision to put her faith in the lady who had been attempting to save her for a number of days. After giving her permission to accompany her, she hopped into the passenger seat of her vehicle.

Janine brought Carla to the veterinarian for a checkup before taking her to the house where she would be fostered. The lovely little child was underweight, but thank goodness she was otherwise healthy and did not have any significant health issues. After ensuring that everything was in order, Carla hastened to her new residence, where she was provided with a secure, warm, and tranquil environment in which to recuperate and relax.

Carla had a complete mental and physical recovery as a result of the time she spent in a foster home with other dogs. She didn’t have to go far to get the loving, permanent home she deserved. We are overjoyed to learn that she has found a loving home with her new family and is making the most of the rest of her life. We have high hopes that they will come to love her and that they will never cast her aside again.

By Elen

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