Photographer Christian Vieler, who hails from Germany, is well-known for the stunning dog head pictures he has created. Since 2016, he has devoted his whole professional life to capturing comedic events involving them. When you go through Vieler’s Instagram account, you will come across hundreds of humorous photographs of dogs that he has seen in his daily life. The majority of the pictures depict the time when the dogs were attempting to catch the meal.

Because of their honest responses, our canine and feline companions may sometimes provide us with a lot of laughs. Imagine how glad and relieved they must feel to have a meal when you and I are feeling delighted and happy to eat meals. Now multiply that pleasure and relief by the number of people in the world. Here is a collection of 17 of the funniest face expressions that dogs make when they get their meal (by photographer Christian Vieler). It has the promise of becoming a bright spot in your day.


















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