Ella, a yellow Labrador who is now seven years old, saw the mountain lion as her owner, Crystal Michaelis, and her children were playing in the yard. Michaelis could not see the mountain lion, but she did see that Ella was behaving strangely and switching her focus between the children and the mountain lion’s hiding area. Michaelis also saw that Ella seemed to be looking for the mountain lion.

According to Michaelis, “She kept staring towards the kids and then remembering so swiftly.” Even though all she was doing was being cautious, my kid thought it was a rather scary situation.

Michaelis was eventually successful in bringing her children inside. As they approached the patio door, Ella suffered serious cuts to her head, face, legs, tongue, and neck. When we opened the back door, we saw that Ella had been covered in blood. Michaelis said that there was blood splattered throughout the entryway as well as the patio.

Officials with the Utah Department of Wildlife Resources found mountain lion tracks that led to the location of the battle, despite the fact that the family was not there for the altercation. According to the experts in charge of wildlife management, the mountain lion may have wandered close to the Michaelis’ home after being distracted by some goats that were located in the yard of their next-door neighbor.

According to Michaelis, “She kept gazing over to the youngsters and then turning back so fast.” Even though all she was doing was being cautious, my kid thought it was a rather scary situation.

After defending her family from a mountain lion in Cedar Hills, a labrador retriever named Ella, who is seven years old, was bitten over thirty times and sustained injuries on her head, neck, legs, tongue, and other parts of her body.

Even though the mountain lion has not been seen again, the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources has issued a warning to the residents to be on their guard and keep themselves safe. According to DWR public relations policeman Faith Jolley, cougars get the majority of their food from deer, so it seems sense that they would routinely follow where the animals go. “They have also observed deer moving through this location,” she added. “They have spotted deer traveling through this area.”

Ella was bit little more than thirty times in all, and each time she began from her shoulders. According to what Michaelis told the media, “Which means she never gave up and stayed in that safety posture and preserved it.” Despite the injuries she sustained, it is believed that Ella will make a full recovery.

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