Gabriel Hensley, a guy from Kentucky, gave his life valiantly in an attempt to rescue his family from the historic flood. Sadly, he was not successful. As they grieve for him, his family is taking time to remember the full and meaningful life he had.

The morning on the 28th of July, 2022 in Eastern Kentucky started out the same as any other day. But little did they realize that the events that would take place as the day continued would affect the lives of countless people all throughout the nation and leave a big imprint on history.

It was the very last time that Macy Hensley would ever see her husband while he was still alive. Gabriel Hensley, who worked in the coal mines on that fateful day as usual for his job, went out to work as usual for his shift but was never seen again. He was never brought back home.

When the flooding began in Perry County in the middle of the new father’s shift, he had no choice but to leave his work and make a beeline for a home in order to save his wife and their 10-week-old boy. Macy recounted the following:

“My spouse was a family guy who would do everything to get home to me and his children,” I’ve said in the past.

Along the way, he came across a number of victims of the catastrophe who need assistance. Gabriel, who was unable to turn a blind eye to the situation, came to provide assistance, and his wife’s brother joined him. The two guys tried everything in their power to defuse the situation, including sending people in the other direction and cutting down trees to provide a safer path for those who were trapped.

During the course of their efforts, they came across a guy who was being carried away by the floodwaters after his four-wheeler had been destroyed by the water. While Gabriel was attempting to rescue the victim, his vehicle was also carried away by the current. The 30-year-old individual need assistance from Macy’s brother in order to make it through the water. But, however, the attempts were fruitless, and they came dangerously close to taking the life of the latter.

At the very last second, Gabriel and his vehicle were carried away by the swift stream, but Macy’s brother was able to cling to a tree and survive the ordeal. The lone survivor was finally located and saved by a neighbor, and the two of them then continued their search for Gabriel by wading into the water.

Despite the fact that there was no evidence of him, his family clung to the slim possibility that he had survived the ordeal in some way. On the other hand, their expectations were completely destroyed when a corpse and a damaged vehicle belonging to him were found on Sunday afternoon.

Gabriel Hensley’s passing was a devastating blow to his wife and children, particularly given the knowledge that he had sacrificed his life in an effort to reach them before he passed away. Kent Daniels, Gabriel’s cousin, spoke highly of the d.e.a.d. coal miner and called him a hero. He thought to himself:

“A hero was taken from eastern Kentucky. If he gave his life to save another person, then he really lived up to the name of the hero.”

The anesthesiologist from Lexington recalls his cousin as a devoted family guy who would sacrifice everything he has to ensure the happiness of those around him. He shares the wish of the rest of Hensley’s family that the world will remember him in that manner.

The deceased hero’s family pleaded with the public to help the people of the Eastern Kentucky town in the aftermath of the catastrophe by providing essential materials such as water, rakes, cleaning supplies, shovels, and buckets. The family wanted to memorialize the fallen hero in this manner.

Before he passed away, the young coal miner devoted his life to his wife and five wonderful children, including a newborn baby who would never get to know his father. He worked very hard to provide for his family and did all he could to make sure they were taken care of. He never missed an opportunity to brag about his large family on social media, posting photographs of them celebrating important moments together.

These pictures, which are still stored on his social media profiles, will serve as a constant reminder to the family that they were once blessed to have the love and companionship of a remarkable guy who will continue to watch over them even after he has passed from this life.

Gabriel was one of seven people who lost their life in Perry County as a result of the unprecedented Eastern Kentucky flash flooding that struck the state on Thursday. As of Monday, August 1, the official loss toll throughout the state stood at 37; nevertheless, there are still a great number of people missing and presumed d.e.a.d.

This tally includes casualties from a variety of counties and age brackets all throughout the country. In areas such as Knott County, Breathitt County, Letcher County, Perry County, and Clay County, the number of persons who have been found d.e.a.d. or missing is at an all-time high. This includes children.

People from all around the globe have shown their compassion for those who were affected by the floods, sending prayers and condolences to the surviving as they grieve the loss of their loved ones.

A number of search and rescue teams have been stationed in the various high-risk areas in order to reduce the effects of the flood and to be ready to respond in the event that a similar catastrophe occurs again.

I pray that Gabriel Hensley’s wife, his children, the rest of his family, and anybody else who suffered the loss of a loved one as a result of the historic flood will find a way to deal with the grief and finally go on with their lives.

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