The bereaved dog sneaks out of the house on a daily basis until the son of the deceased owner decides to go after him one day.

The connection that may develop between a dog and its owner can be profound, and in many cases, this connection remains long after the dog has passed away. Because of the shorter lifetime of a dog in comparison to a person’s, owners usually have to suffer the loss of a pet more frequently than a dog would suffer the loss of his human. This is because of the comparatively short lifespan of a dog. However, a recent incident demonstrates that dogs are capable of severely mourning the loss of one of their own kind.

The loss of Mehmet Ilhan occurred in January of 2017. At the time of his passing, he was 79 years old, and in the years leading up to it, he had been confined to a wheelchair as a result of a debilitating disease.

Cesur, Mehmet’s dog, was always at his side throughout those years, and they shared an amazing amount of time together.

When Cesur’s owner, Mehmet, was in the hospital for a few days just before he passed away, the affection that Cesur had for his owner was quite apparent. During these days, the dog displayed a stubborn refusal to eat. After Mehmet had passed away, the corpse was brought back, and preparations were made for the burial.

Cesur stayed beside the corpse of his master till the day of the burial came around and then he left.
Cesur was given a part to perform in the funeral procession that took place during the funeral. During the funeral rites, Cesur also displayed an attitude of solemnity by hanging his head. The dog was very possessive of his owner’s body and would not allow anybody to approach him until after the casket had been buried.

Cesur now lives with Ali, who is Mehmet’s son. After introducing Cesur into Ali’s house, Ali immediately became aware of the dog’s peculiar behavior. After Ali had departed for the day, Cesar would sneak out of the home and stay gone for many hours. When Ali decided to follow the dog one day, he was completely taken aback by what he discovered.

The dog dashed to the cemetery where Mehmet was buried and sat there for many hours. The employees at the cemetery have said that they saw the dog every morning.

Cesur, according to Ali, is a virtuous and trustworthy canine. During the latter years of his father’s life, he was accompanied by a beloved friend in the form of a dog, and he has made a commitment to give that dog the finest possible care.

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