If you wish to raise animals, you should be able to provide them a happy existence; but, if you are unable to do so, you should give them away in an acceptable manner. If you are unable to do so, you should not raise them. How in the world are dog owners able to get rid of their animals in such a heartless way?

The protagonist of this tragic tale is a defenseless dog whose owner dumped him on a garbage pile and then abandoned him there. The dog was found by a person who rushed him to the veterinarian so that he could get treatment for his wounds and injuries.

It was needed that he go to a foster family, and in the few short weeks that he spent there, he underwent a complete transformation. The dog, who was given the name Alex, is today content and well-kept, and he has also put on some more weight.

The dog, who has a persistent hacking cough, really adores his foster mother and couldn’t stop wagging his tail when he saw her! Additionally, he coughs effectively when she calls his name!

The adorable child then goes to an adoption event, where he finally gets to meet his future family, who will give him all of the love and care that he needs. Alex will, thank goodness, not have to go through the agony of suffering ever again.

By Anna

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