Many people are quick to pass judgment, and many hold the mistaken belief that adult animals are not as adaptive as pups.

Although some people may be deterred from adopting an older dog due to the fact that they have a higher risk of developing health problems than younger dogs, there are a number of fantastic benefits to doing so. In addition, doing so for a dog is an act of compassion at all times.

Zach’s first discovery of an older dog at the shelter was met with disappointment when he learned that the animal had been euthanized due to the presence of cancerous cells. Because it pained his heart to consider the possibility that the elderly dog might live out his last days at a shelter, he did the one and only thing that he thought was morally acceptable: he decided to take the dog into his own home.

Zach reasoned that the least he could do was make sure that the 16-year-old dog would have a permanent home in order for him to live out the remainder of his life in happiness, regardless of how many days or weeks that may be.

Henry was the name he gave to the dog, and he gave him the greatest possible second chance he could. In order to cope with Henry, he booked a consultation with the local veterinarian, and Henry was going to have the cancer surgically removed.

Henry’s life changed drastically as a result of this event. Henry had a strong desire to live, and it wasn’t long before he was running about and playing like any other dog, despite the fact that he was in his senior years.

And after a few months, Henry had much improved, and people began submitting their adoption applications in large numbers. It was about time that Henry found the warm and welcoming environment he deserved to spend his golden years in.

By Elen

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