Nellie will snooze wherever she can find even the tiniest sliver of sunshine peeking through; she considers that location to be her official resting area.

Who could possibly hold that against her? The warmth and ease provided by the sun are unparalleled in their capacity to calm and soothe. And this is the ideal method for a small puppy that is teething to obtain all of the sleep that is so desperately need!

The other day, the Dachshund went on a search for the ideal sunspot on the floor, and she found one that was large enough to accommodate her whole body, but not much larger. It seemed as though it had been placed there just for her.

The picture that Dad took of the dog making full use of the comfort was able to be uploaded to Reddit, where it took on a life of its own after being shared there.

Nellie is in desperate need of that charm rest, and she has devised a strategy that would allow her to get it in the most efficient manner.

By Elen

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