The pursuit of a job and a career may often present difficult obstacles. One individual in Phoenix, Arizona experienced it in the form of the termination of his employment. Patrick Hoagland was terminated from his position as a forklift operator at a metal recycling firm in the year 2019. As a guy who puts in a lot of effort, he didn’t waste any time and began sending out applications for as many positions as he could. He applied in person and online for a number of opportunities, but did not hear back from any of them.

After not receiving any feedback from any of his potential employers, he made the decision to take things into his own hands. Hoagland made two hundred copies of his résumé and distributed them around the neighborhood where he lived. When he was handing out his resume by the side of the road, the temperature had climbed to 110 degrees Fahrenheit. After passing by and picking up one of his resumes, a lady by the name of Melissa DiGianfilippo was so moved by what she saw that she decided to make an effort to be of assistance. She was the owner of a public relations and marketing firm, and she used her contacts to get the word out. Following the publication of the résumé on her social media platforms, Hoagland received a deluge of messages from a variety of companies, contractors, and employment agencies.

The first version of her post ended up receiving a large number of re-shares and impressions. Hoagland ultimately decided to take the position that would work best for both him and his family. He ultimately decided to accept a position that Flatline Concrete Grinding was offering in the Phoenix region. Hoagland is pleased of his efforts to do what he needed to do in order to support himself and his family, despite the fact that he first thought it was a ridiculous notion to stand on a street corner and hand out copies of his résumé.

“I had only been jobless a few weeks, but it was really unexpected and I needed to work something out quickly,” the newly hired guy stated in an interview with CNN. “I had only been unemployed for a few weeks,” he added.

He said that he was unsure as to whether or not his concept was foolish. “But even though I laughed and thought it was ridiculous at first, I couldn’t stop thinking about it. He said, “I thought, why the heck not?! ” “There are millions of people driving around in Phoenix; someone may employ me,” he said. “I have a lot of experience.”

DiGianfilippo expressed how delighted she was with his efforts despite the scorching weather by stating that he worked outdoors. She added that she was amazed with Patrick despite the fact that it was 110 degrees outdoors and what she witnessed was completely unexpected. She described him as having a sign in one hand, a stack of resumes in the other, and a large grin on his face as he stood by the side of the road.

When this occurred, she took to social media to share the following: “I was driving down Camelback Road in Phoenix near my workplace and noticed this man by the side of the road with a grin in 110-degree heat, begging people to accept his résumé. The sign read: “Please take my resume.” It really warms my heart that he was not looking for charity but rather wanted people to take into consideration hiring him for work. #askforhelp #thankyou #job”

Hoagland acknowledged that this was a surprise but expressed her gratitude for it. He stated, “She has been so kind; she didn’t need to assist me, but she did, and it has altered my life.” “She didn’t need to help me,” “I cannot express how thankful I am for her,” he said. DiGianfilippo said that this was the very minimum that she could do for another person. “I think in general this is a good reminder for people that it takes just a few minutes sometimes out of your day to really change someone’s life or make their day better,” said DiGianfilippo. “I think this is a good reminder for people that it takes just a few minutes out of your day to really make someone’s day better.”

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