There are pros and cons to taking your family out to dine at a restaurant. The experience of being out in public might seem like herding livestock at times, particularly for bigger families with many children. There are times when things are more under control, and everyone is able to have their supper in peace. On the other hand, we can find ourselves in circumstances in which other individuals are pointing their gaze at us like they’re about to stab us.

There’s no denying the fact that children may be a handful at times.

Therefore, when an unknown person in Texas saw how a group of children conducted themselves at a restaurant, they decided to send a letter to the family in question.

Dinner was served at Rico’s Hacienda, where the Bokorst family was guests. When you have five children ranging in age from four to fourteen, it is reasonable to anticipate things to become a little bit noisy.

Especially while you’re out and about, such is life with children. However, the Bokorst family is not included.

According to Ryan Bokorst, the children’s father, in an interview with KPRC, “We just try to make sure that we let them know that when they are out in public, particularly, that they are properly behaved.”

Even simply having two children may create a chaotic environment; can you imagine having five children of varying ages? However, because to their attentive parenting and open lines of communication, the family of seven was able to have supper without disturbing anybody else.

It’s not always a terrible thing when children run about.

They are predisposed to be inquisitive, playful, and friendly with other youngsters due to the nature of their species. On the other hand, in enclosed public venues that are designed for activities other than playing, it may be risky and distracting to play.

It was a lesson that the Bokorst youngsters had learned by heart, and their conduct was observed and taken into consideration.

When it came time for the family to pay the bill, the waiter presented them with something else that took all of them by surprise. They quickly noticed that it was a customized letter as soon as they opened the piece of paper that had been presented to them.

“When I inquired for the bill, the server handed over the tiny booklet with the note already folded inside of it. According to what Ryan told the local news station, “I was dumbfounded and not entirely sure what was going on.”

The message said, “Sir, I must say that tonight I was quite pleased with your family.” Your children always impressed me with their good manners and politeness. As parents, you two have every reason to feel pride. You have both performed quite well. Tonight, it was my pleasure to take care of paying your debt. In this day and age, when youngsters are always shouting and running about, your family is like a breath of fresh air. I hope you have a wonderful day and week.

The family wished to extend their sincere gratitude to the mystery person who had sent the message, but there was no indication that the letter had been signed in any manner. They were unable to determine the identity of the mystery person since the individual fled before they could finish.

The Bokorst family felt honored, but much more than that, they were grateful for the blessings in their lives.

They were complimented on their children’s politeness and well-behaved behavior, in addition to having a wonderful time themselves.

Ryan and his sister Maggie’s mother remarked that they took advantage of this opportunity to show their children that they are never too young to make a difference in the world.

We can only hope that this tale will stick with the children as they mature into the persons God always intended for them to be.

By Elen

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