On a particularly chilly day, a lady was heading to work when she came across a puppy that was shivering and laying on the ground. Her physique gave the appearance of being rigid, and when the other lady bent down to touch her, she was as cold as ice. She wept for the unfortunate dog who, she assumed, would have to pass away by themselves since the lady had arrived too late.

The fact that the lady hadn’t come too late was a source of relief for her, but she didn’t have high hopes.

Despite this, she decided to take her to the closest veterinary facility in order to check if there was any chance of saving her life.

Her canine companion was given the name Varya by her.

When the vet first saw Varya, he was struck with astonishment. Her body temperature was dangerously low, and she was experiencing organ failure as a result. In addition to it, she was unconscious.

They started doing more testing on Varya and eventually found out that she had a brain damage in addition to a shattered pelvis.

She needed to be sent to a bigger hospital that was equipped with the most recent medical technologies. It was fairly likely that surgery would be necessary for Varya, but before that she needed to be stabilized. Varya never showed any sign of being afraid. After being treated with intravenous fluids, antibiotics, blood transfusions, and pain medication, Varya was eventually able to regain consciousness.

Varya’s condition was brought under control, and she was going to have surgery. Her savior gave her a passionate kiss and wished her the best of luck before releasing her. Varya did excellent. Even though she was had to remain in isolation for a few days due to the risk of infection, the medical personnel made sure to shower her with loads of love and care throughout her stay.

After a few weeks, it was determined that Varya was safe to travel with the lady who had discovered her.

She couldn’t contain her elation at being back in her cozy house! The new mother of Varya offered her a selection of delicacies for her to sample, and she devoured each and every one of them. She was at last receiving the care that she should have had all along.

Every life has value, and if we have enough love and trust, we can do anything.

By Elen

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