Pork is a Golden Retriever, and Golden Retrievers are renowned for being friendly and energetic dogs; he definitely lives up to that reputation. But there was always something that was lacking. Pork has a deep affection for other canines and felt that he was in desperate need of a canine sibling. At that point, his owners made the long-awaited decision to get him a new puppy sister.

Their owners brought the new puppy, who was given the name Teddy Sugar, into the house, and their owners made sure to record the first time that Pork and Teddy Sugar met on tape.

The first thing that Pork does is sniff the new puppy that has joined the household, while Teddy Sugar immediately begins wagging her story.

Teddy Sugar is not the least bit concerned about Pork, despite the fact that he is far larger than she is. She moves closer to him in order to have a few more sniffs, and Pork does the same thing at the same time.

After that, Pork immediately shifts into play mode and begins to pounce all over the area. It’s obvious that he couldn’t be more thrilled to have a younger sister. Teddy Sister doesn’t waste any time playing back the video and immediately begins licking, nibbling, and crawling all on Pork.

Both of them are so worn out by the time their first encounter is through that they decide to take a sleep together while curled up next to one other.

By Elen

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