Kylie Rose Engelhardt was out on a stroll around the neighborhoods of Green Bay, Wisconsin, the other day when she came across a little puppy that had been tethered to a fire hydrant. Despite the fact that the lady first believed the dog was waiting for her owner, she went to check nonetheless just to make sure the cute creature is okay.

Unfortunately, as it came out later, the dog’s owner had abandoned her there along with a rucksack containing some food, toys, and even some tasty treats for the canine companion. But while she was going through the items, Engelhardt quickly noticed a message, and as soon as she started reading it, she understood that the puppy, whose former owner called her Baby Girl, had in fact been abandoned.

According to a post that Engelhardt made on Facebook, he said that at first he “sat outdoors with her for an hour keeping her warm while waiting for someone to come back but no one did.” The Good Samaritan, however, had all of her questions answered after reading the terrible message, and as a result, she brought Baby Girl to the Wisconsin Humane Society.

The photographs of the mixed breed dog, who is five years old and went viral as soon as they were posted online, elicited a lot of good responses from local people, and many of them were prepared to adopt Baby Girl.

After some time had passed, the Wisconsin Humane Society resorted to Facebook to compose an impassioned letter to the dog’s former owner. It came out that the owner could no longer afford to take care of her cherished dog owing to various medical issues, thus she was in some way forced to give up on her pet.

The group said, “First and foremost, we would like to express our deepest condolences for the loss of your dearest companion.” “It is abundantly clear how much you loved her, and we can plainly see that you made every effort to be there for her despite the fact that you were dealing with the difficulties of your own health issues and the pressures of everyday life.

“We can feel the love you have for her in the bag that you so painstakingly filled with of all of her favorite items. The manner in which you fastened her leash to ensure that she would not be run over by a vehicle reveals the depth of your affection for her. According to what is said in the letter, “We See Your Love in the Way That You Placed Her in the Middle of a Neighborhood Where She’d Be Easily Found.” “We are able to recognize your affection by how content and well-nourished Baby Girl seems. And we see your love in the message you left behind, imploring for someone to assist her when you could no longer do it yourself.

In a separate announcement, the Wisconsin Humane Society said that Baby Girl is doing quite well and that she will be available for adoption very soon. However, there have already been at least one hundred individuals who have shown interest in adopting this adorable canine.

“Rest assured that she is secure, she is receiving loads of care from our staff, and she is on track to find her next loving family very soon,” the rescue organization stated. “She is on the way to finding her next loving family very soon.” “She enjoys going on walks, playing with her toys, and doing an endearing’sit’ in exchange for goodies. She is a cheerful and friendly little dog.”

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