French bulldogs Griffin and Haru were great pals. They had a lot of fun playing together and taking advantage of their mother’s undivided attention. But then a small new person appeared in their lives, and in the cutest possible manner, they gave their hearts away to this newcomer.

During the time that his mother was carrying him, Haru had the distinct impression that something really extraordinary was taking place. She took particular attention to her mother’s stomach and delighted in placing her chin on it. She would lie on top of the mother, but she never seemed astonished when she felt the baby kick.

During the whole labor and delivery night, Haru never left his mother’s side. She cuddled up to her mother as closely as she could, even putting her adorable little Frenchie chin on her mother’s tummy as if she knew it would be the final time they would ever be together.

When the newborn arrived at their house, the puppies couldn’t wait to finally meet her. They couldn’t contain their excitement as they greeted the new bundle of joy with cheery welcomes and eager barks. The canines couldn’t control their grins and desperately wanted to get as near to the infant as they could.

Even when the infant was napping, they kept a close eye on her. Griffin was initially more reserved than Haru was, but both canines remained near by the newborn and never stopped caring after her in the manner as a genuine older brother and older sister would.

The canines delighted in getting increasingly closer to the newborn as it increased in size. They enjoyed cuddling up with her and keeping a careful eye on everything that was going on around them. They are so smitten with her that they even delicately lay their adorable chins on her, much as Haru did on their mother’s stomach while she was pregnant.

The three of them make a very adorable trio, and it’s clear that the dogs are completely smitten with their new little sister. They watch her engage in play, then sleep, and then engage in play once again. They are content with their new role in life, which is to look after her, and they do this duty to a high standard.

There isn’t much that can surpass the cuteness of a baby or a dog, but together, these three are just irresistible. It is so fortunate for her that she has these two doting companions who are simply patiently waiting for her to reach a certain age so that the three of them may run about and play together.

However, for the time being, the canines are pleased to just play the role of snuggle bug and best friend to the infant girl. They make it a point to spend as much time as possible with her, despite the fact that they sometimes doze off while on duty protecting her. After all, it might be exhausting to keep an eye on so much adorableness.

We really hope you got a kick out of seeing these two adorable puppies play with their brand new little sister. We are really appreciative that their mother took the time to prepare this funny movie for them. As usual, please do not hesitate to pass along the deliciousness of the pupper to your friends.

By Elen

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