They are renowned as man’s best friends for the great loyalty and affection they offer! But despite being the most wonderful animals on Earth, there are still hundreds of millions of homeless dogs all over the globe. So, in order to assist them, one kindhearted priest in Brazil decided to offer back a bit of the goodness that dogs show us, every single day.

In Gravatá, Brazil, Father Joo Paulo de Araujo Gomes came up with a method that was not only endearing but also very motivational for getting stray dogs adopted. Helping people who are in need is a wonderful way to demonstrate your compassion and love for others. In the spirit of his vocation as a priest and his passion for animals, Father Gomes began taking abandoned dogs from the streets of Gravata and bringing them into the sanctuary of his church in the expectation that they would be adopted.

According to Padre Joo Paulo, who spoke with The Dodo about the matter, “several volunteers came to me selling cookies to aid a project with stray animals.” “I offered them time during masses for the promotion of the cookies, and then I began to engage in the initiatives of this NGO,” the speaker said. “It was a really rewarding experience.”

However, the loving priest is not only providing these defenseless animals with a place to sleep; he is also supplying them with food and seeing to their medical needs. In addition to that, he welcomes stray dogs into his house and gives them food and water. He said, “I started to adopt some animals who had been [treated poorly.] always with the help of volunteers.” “I began to adopt some animals who had been treated poorly.”

Outside of the church, Father Gomes has established certain areas for canines to eat their own food and drink water with the assistance of community members who volunteered their time. It goes without saying that he keeps the doors to both the church and his house open at all times for any stray or abandoned animals.

When asked about his contributions, Father Gomes remarked, “What I do is simply a drop of water in the face of the gravity of the situation.” “I wish I could accept all of the creatures, but unfortunately we must adhere to a number of restrictions. Everything that I do is dependent on volunteers, even volunteers who support me, therefore the credit should really go to those other people rather than to me.

It is a wonderful expression of love for God, for people, and for the world to look for animals and the environment as its whole. Compassion is a mindset that must be cultivated by each of us. Compassion is the only antidote, the father said, since “too much violence, too much aggressiveness and accusation, variety becomes the site of conflict and battle.”

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