There is never a justifiable reason to cast out a helpless animal, particularly in today’s world when more and more groups are cropping up to provide aid and refuge to animals who are in need of a family to call their own but don’t have one.

They are going to start looking for a permanent home for Marie and the seven pups as soon as everyone is feeling much better.

Despite this, there are still individuals in the world who abandon needy pets in the same manner that Marie was abandoned. This cute puppy was abandoned by her previous owners despite the fact that she was pregnant and may give birth at any moment.

The canine known as Marie was abandoned by her owners when they moved out of the home and just left her in front of the porch.

Charlie’s Angels Animal Rescue was established in Costa Rica by Tania Capelluti, who is also the organization’s namesake. Capelluti spent some time as a tourist in Costa Rica; however, when he saw that there were an excessive number of abandoned animals roaming the streets, he realized that he wanted to do something to assist them and decided to establish an animal shelter there.

He established the refuge, and with the assistance of a large number of individuals, he was able to establish a robust network of people who were willing to assist and provide temporary homes for a large number of animals.

The first thing that came into Capelluti’s head was to go on a yoga retreat in Costa Rica and then immediately fly back to Germany.

Although Capelluti had already returned to his country by the time he was informed of Marie’s situation, he did not hesitate to condemn the cruel abandonment this dog had been subjected to.

He has no food or water; the only thing he has is his enormous stomach. The unfortunate point continues to wait, day and night, in front of the door, expecting they will eventually return for it.

In a short time after that, Wynn Mackey made a beautiful puppy an offer to help. Mackey already has many dogs living in his home, but after hearing Marie’s tragic backstory, he realized he had to find a way to make place for her. Marie is a rescue dog who was abandoned by her previous owner.

Before Mackey offered Marie a place to stay temporarily, the canine had been taken care of by the community’s other residents.

Mackey was aware that it was only a matter of time until Marie gave birth, so he made a special bed for her in preparation for the big day when it finally arrived. Capelluti held a party to welcome the arrival of Marie’s adorable new pups from Berlin a few days later.

“When I went up Facebook, I discovered her posing for a happy photo with her seven newborn pups.”

Mackey’s amazing dog had formed a close bond with him over the course of their time together. He refused to leave her side, and when it came time for her to give birth, she made the decision to do so in the bed of the man who had saved her life. Marie is a doting mother who is fiercely devoted to and protective of her cubs.

We are speaking out against the inhumane treatment that this great puppy received after being abandoned. She was fortunate enough to get assistance in the nick of time, and the result was the birth of seven adorable pups.

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