Have you been informed? A new version of the sleeping beauty has arrived in town. Let me introduce you to Aurora, the prettiest and fluffiest princess cat in the history of the world (obviously named after the first Sleeping Beauty).

This Blue Bicolor Ragdoll cat is really fit for a king or queen. “It is common knowledge that cats are the masters of the home, but Aurora takes this reputation to a whole new level. At the very least, judging on her behavior, it seems that she is aware of her own attractiveness. According to her owners Emily and Niklas, who spoke to Bored Panda, “it’s essentially her way or no way.”

And what sorts of things does this Swedish princess like doing in her spare time? She takes great pleasure in the activities that are typical for royals, such as eating, sleeping, and being pampered. That is really exciting! Where do I put in my application to live a life like that?

Aurora’s owners insist that she is nothing like that, despite the fact that she has a stunning appearance that may lead you to believe otherwise.

Aurora is a very perceptive and lovable cat. We joke about a lot in our postings about how she views her people as slaves, but in truth, she shows us the same devotion as a dog does, which is something that doesn’t always come from cats. How about both good-natured and lovely? It’s possible that this is the ideal feline.

By Elen

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