Someone spotted the dog behind the club, and according to those working with Tornado Alley Bulldog Rescue, the dog had acid burns down her back and on her head.

Stevie Easter, who works at Tornado Alley Bulldog Rescue, said that this is the most severe instance they’ve ever seen. “I have been through some pretty terrible situations, but this one tops them all,” Easter said that Safari had shattered hips and femurs in addition to her broken rear legs due to being struck by a vehicle.

Neel’s Veterinarian was rushed to see Safari as soon as possible. Those who work for the rescue organization said that they were contacted to try to save the dog rather than allowing her to be put down.

Easter said, “Your answer is really frightening and dismaying, and it overwhelms me.”

Easter said they have been treating her and have spent over $7,000 to save the dog’s life. They said that she has a long road ahead of her and that it is anticipated that she would need a number of surgical procedures, skin grafts, and time spent in the hyperbaric chamber.

Despite all of the mayhem, it seems as if things are starting to look good for Safari.

Easter said that the doctor was able to repair both of the patient’s femur, as well as the break in the patient’s femur that was located merely above the knee. “The knee has been straightened and stabilized, and she has now received fifty percent coverage for her burns.”

It is not clear who is to blame for this or where Safari originated from at this time. In spite of this, she will be able to go to a foster family as soon as she has completely healed from her injuries.


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