This is the joyful moment when a small girl gets reunited with her cat that she had been missing. Nearly the course of over two months, the cat could not be located in any way, but her human companion never stopped looking for her and never gave up hope of finding her. To her great relief, her efforts were rewarded, and she was given the opportunity to embrace her cherished furry companion once again. The girl’s father was the one who captured the touching reunion on video.

Tita enjoyed going on adventures just like any other cat, and one of her favorite things to do was to explore the neighborhood. She never traveled too far, and she always made it back in time, but there was one evening when she couldn’t be found. After that, she never returned. Her whole family was upset, but Tita’s human sister, who just couldn’t stop weeping, seemed to be the one who was hit the most by the news. In any case, they never gave up hope, and they continued their hunt for the missing cat for many days.

But the days grew into weeks, and the weeks turned into months, and Tita remained missing the whole time. The little girl’s desperation was evident from the look on her face as she considered the possibility that she might never again see her cherished cat. But suddenly luck was on her side when a neighbor informed the family of the missing kid that their much-loved furry pet had been seen at a school in the area where she was last seen.

Within a few minutes, the girl’s father arrived at the location in his car. However, the doors of the school were locked, and they were unable to locate Tita anywhere in the building. Tita suddenly appeared out of nowhere and ran right into her arms once the other girl began addressing her by her given name.

The family thought they had lost their cat “Tita” two months ago, but it turned out that they had seen her at a school and quickly went hunting for her. This is what the caption for the video says. “The kitty responded in this manner when she recognized the voice of her younger sibling who is human… Never lose hope!”

By Anna

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