Our domesticated animals are not only devoted members of our families but also our closest friends. They adore us no matter what and are always there for us. In addition to this, they fill our lives with many forms of happiness and act as effective stress relievers, which in turn makes us happier and healthier. Following everything that our dogs have done for us, they have earned the right to be cherished and cared for by responsible owners.

Unfortunately, not everyone is able to properly care for their animals and provide them with the necessities they need. That was the unfortunate outcome for one pet owner, who had no choice but to give up her dog due to a variety of personal obligations.

Meet Chewy, a Chihuahua puppy who was discovered injured and abandoned inside a toilet at the Las Vegas airport along with a letter. He is just three months old. After reading the message, the kind lady who had discovered him at first felt furious, but when she realized what it said, she was overcome with emotion and couldn’t stop crying.

“Hi! I’m Chewy! My owner was in an unhealthy relationship and lacked the financial resources to pay for my passage on the airplane. She really cared about me and didn’t want to be apart from me, but there was just no other choice for her. During our disagreement, my ex-boyfriend kicked my dog, who now has a large knot on the top of his head as a result. It’s likely time for him to see a doctor. I adore Chewy so very much; I ask that you continue to adore and care for him.

He was fortunate in that a nice lady found him and brought him to Connor and Millie’s Dog Rescue, where he received care and was reared from a young age.

According to what Lindia Gilliam, the creator of the refuge, told The Dodo about the experience, “My heart plummeted to my knees.” “I didn’t think twice about taking him in, and I immediately directed my foster to take him to an emergency room.”

According to Darlene Blair, the Administrative Director for the CMDR, “He was transported to the ER and given a once over, and it was established that he did not have any major injuries.” “The next day, we took him to our normal veterinarian at Town Center Animal Hospital, where he had a thorough examination from nose to tail, a flu vaccination, and a fecal test to ensure that he was in good health. Within the following two weeks, he will have all of his vaccinations, be microchipped, and then be neutered.

Linda has high hopes that the tale of Chewy would assist in raising awareness about the many risks associated with being a victim of domestic violence or abuse.

Gilliam said that “this is a terribly ignored issue in its entirety,” referring to the problem. “We also wanted to attempt to convey the word to Chewy’s mom that she did a heroic thing and that he is safe and would have a nice life,” you say. “We wanted to try to get the message to her.”

After all that took place, Chewy the Chihuahua was eventually able to find a new owner and move into his permanent home. Our best wishes go out to Chewy and his courageous mother for a prosperous future. And who knows, maybe one day they will find themselves back together again.

By Anna

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